Friday, March 6, 2009

Links of Interest 3/6

Apparently there's a movie about The Rolling Stones out there called Cocksucker Blues.

A tribute to the cereal of yesteryear.

Stuff that was invented way before you thought it was:

Seinfeld reunion! Sort of.

Writers speaking about whether or not they enjoy writing.

The new thing in Russia is to collectively jump off bridges. Yeah, I don’t know either, but here are some cool pictures of it happening.

David Simon (the creator of the Wire) returns to newspaper reporting when he sees an injustice:

What people would like to see from the Bush administration with the Freedom of Information Act:

Apparently, every administration needs its conspiracy. Obama’s is his birthplace.

I have notes of random shit everywhere – home, work, the car. I doubt any of them though would be considered amazing ideas like these.

Oh this is an easy scientific theory to understand.

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mndleftbod said...

Banana frosted flakes were pretty f'ing good...

I was glad they brought back Quisp a few years ago, people thought I was crazy and making it up. Only difference is, back when I was a kid it was like frosted rice krispies, now it is like captain crunch.