Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Cool Shit 11/26

Watching the clock? Counting the minutes until you get out for your Thanksgiving break? Let The Popcorn Trick's Cool Shit take you home...

Another one of those pictorials designed to show you just how vast space really is. Much bigger than we can even comprehend, since this scale only works within the confines of our universe, which if we are to believe is just one of an infinite amount.

Monday night Odell Beckham of the New York Giants had what may be the greatest catch in the history of the NFL. I know that sounds like hyperbole, but it's not...

Here's a look at some other amazing catches receivers have made, but they don't hold up to what Odell Beckham did.

Trailer for the new Jurassic World movie...

Quick thoughts about it: They definitely reached back to the original and pulled some themes and plot structure which is ok...but I see this movie going one of two ways. It can either harken back to the 70s disaster pictures and show dinosaurs just getting crazy with crowds of people which would be awesome, or it's a mission to rescue two kids from one mean dinosaur which would be boring repetitive and a missed opportunity. Watching the trailer it seems both those narratives are in play.
Regardless I'm obviously going to see it of course.

Most likely what the syllabus would be for a Hunter S. Thompson writing course.

Based on this article about tennis and betting, I would say, if you can get action on the Challenger tour, bet against favorited Russians.

I'm a sucker for a good mountain climbing story, and this one involves a missing climber, Noah's Ark and Turkey (the country)!

If you're into apocalyptic novels, here's a decent list of books to get you going, thought I did not enjoy Cronin's The Passage at all. It really skips around and his pedigree seemingly gives him the freedom to try something that fails in my opinion (specifically spending 200 pages on developing a main character and then tossing him aside and jumping 200 years or so into the future to start telling the story he wanted to tell).

In my head, I believe I can outrun a fire; while that may be a naive and uneducated thought, I do think having the belief that I can will help me that much more should I ever be in a situation where I have to outrun a fire.

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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Cool Shit 11/25

Nick Offerman. The Decemberists. A fake German public access show. Enjoy:

This may be the greatest Christmas gift you could ever give to someone. Someone like myself. After all, you should always protect your neck.

Cats spend every waking moment of their lives figuring out how they can steal your baby's breath; dogs travel 430+ miles with rescue adventure teams through the difficult jungle terrain. Point, dogs.

Space heist movie in the Star Wars universe? Involving bounty hunters? Yeah, I'd be into that.

Weirdest theories about the JFK assassination? Nope. You've heard most of these. Most.

Drone footage over Chernobyl...

A breakdown of Pearl Jam's album Vitalogy, honestly one of my favorites of theirs. Though I always thought Spin the Black Circle was an ode to heroin.

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Monday, November 24, 2014

Cool Shit 11/24

I don't know...I guess some of these inventions are cool, but the best?

Darth Vader could have been completely different. (This article goes to show that a good movie is the sum of many different people's visions; and bad movies usually are created because one person has complete control and will listen to no criticism. Trying to figure out the analogy in the Star Wars universe...)

Proof of the afterlife coming at you through metaphysics. And it has to be true because it has the scientific word "physics" in it.

So this thing apparently lives in the ocean. Have fun swimming ever again.

Traveling through space is not feasible for us because of the enormity of it, and the fact that we don't have a feasible engine that can make us go fast enough to make the travel worth it. But that doesn't mean we're not working on the concept of an engine that will allow us to someday make it all feasible.

Homesteading out in the desert. Part of me is befuddled by this lifestyle; part of me is intrigued.

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Friday, November 21, 2014

Cool Shit 11/21

Pitch Perfect 2 anyone?

More pics from the crazy snow in Buffalo.

The most recent rumor is that The Stand, Stephen King's epic novel that is coming to the big screen, will be turned into 4 movies. Not sure if it can sustain that much, but whatever.

Some quick grammar rules that will help you keep up with proper writing. Because there's really no excuse for bad grammar.

Awesome time lapse of the Earth from space:

Interview with Stephen Merchant.

If the term "zipline roller coaster" doesn't get you excited, then you're most likely dead inside.

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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Cool Shit 11/20

Buffalo snow storm. This is insane. Remember: weather will always win. Have we learned nothing from the Avengers movie (the Fiennes/Thurman/Connery one)?

Get your Thanksgiving table ready - enjoy these 50 regional recipes from the 50 states of the US.

Football not your bag on Thanksgiving? Why not try a run of food-related documentaries with your turkey?

Paper airplanes...I love paper airplanes!

Yesterday we had to read about the stupid American Luther remake; today we at least get the good news that he'll be back in a miniseries for the British version.

Would you have liked The Shawshank Redemption had it ended like this?

A great primer for the movies you should see from 2014.

Horror stories about Uber. Two things I want to bring up before/after you read this. 1. I assume that while all of these incidents are reprehensible, traditional cabbies/companies have their share of horror stories that don't get the same reporting because they are not national companies; and 2. the person who put together this article seemingly  continues using the service, despite the stories she has collected about it.

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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Cool Shit 11/19

In today's news of the stupid, the British television show is getting an American remake. Here's an idea: just watch the British version. And FOX: why not just air the original series?

11 places you can't fly a plane over.

More stuff about the second season of True Detective. I think there's one thing we can all agree on - there's going to be a tremendous amount of backlash against this show when it comes out.

Things about Lorne Michaels you might not know. Though there isn't much here that really reveals the guy.

No movie should be considered "easy" to make, but these ten had a particularly hard time making it to the screen.

Michael Caine, as usual is awesome. Just for his real estate tip alone!

Thanksgiving is coming, and if you're like me you want to know what alcohol to pair with your food, because you're an alcoholic. Well this handy chart definitely helps.

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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Cool Shit 11/18

I mean, it's a pretty big boast to say a band is the best you've never heard of, but it is on the internet so I'll give it the credence it deserves.

I take no shame in the fact that I've repeatedly slept in my car. I only wish I had had this handy tutorial to point out some helpful tips.

Ok, so I know there's a body farm in Tennessee, now I find out there's one in Texas. Just how many body farms do we need? (also - be warned; some of the imagery is what you'd expect from doing a report at a body farm.)

Neil Peart (drummer of Rush), breaks down his drum kit. Spoiler alert: it's large.

I want to go to a monkey park! And not that silly excuse for a park at Six Flags Great Adventure that my dad wouldn't drive through because he had a soft top on his car. A real monkey park!

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