Thursday, April 17, 2014

Cool Shit 4/17

4 states. 4 parks. 4 days:

Four in Four from TRUE MVMNT on Vimeo.

Possibly some facts you didn't know about Fight Club?

Finally! My letter-writing campaign pays off! A Mrs. Doubtfire sequel is gaining some traction!

Before you go ahead and tag that Florida vacation picture as a "business trip expense" on Facebook, take a moment to think about who is really going to see it. Like possibly the IRS?

Final trailer for the latest and greatest X-Men movie, which brings everybody to the party!

Actual footage from Action Park (Traction Park!) - including footage of people using the loop slide AND surviving. This should go into our National Archives!

There is a lot going on in this spanish soap opera. I implore you to stay with it to see just how insane and awesome it really gets. I have go tot start watching more spanish tele novellas!

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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Cool Shit 4/16

Sick of big old commercial jets? Why not travel in style on a private jet? It's easier than you think. Not that it's completely easy, but I'm willing to bet you're thinking it's REALLY difficult, so I'm definitely not lying.

So there was a UF conference in New Jersey recently. Not only am I mad I missed it, I'm mad I didn't meet the people propagating some of these conspiracies.

A list of 25 "difficult" films to sit through, whether it's because of subject matter, content, violence, etc.

The word "best" is so overused on the internet that it's lost it's meaning, but these 12 long shots are still very cool:

Google X: A place inside Google (duh) that works on taking the fantastic and making it a reality.

This list of 10 movies that somehow received a big budget and the green light could easily be expanded to a million and it still wouldn't give us any better understanding of how Hollywood operates.

I'm not advocating (nor condemning) the use of psychedelic drugs, but I do think, in controlled situations, they have benefits. As this list suggests.

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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Cool Shit 4/15

The entire Fear and Lathing in Las Vegas: online, right here. Enjoy. And don't take too many drugs.

Want to play God? Or whatever else you may have created the universe? Enjoy this neat little game on how to plan and develop a solar system.

Ever since reading The Descent, I've had a mild fascination with the network of caves around the world. But not as much as these guys. (Also, I recommend The Descent).

Some of the more interesting television show related products you can buy. And if you don't think I'm getting that Gibbs standee thing, you're crazy.

Trailer for the movie, Gone Girl. I liked the book. I like Fincher (who directed), but this trailer didn't do much for me. Hopefully it's good though.

In case you only saw the movie and never read the book, here are some passages that may have made the Jurassic Park movie even better. Though I think some are a stretch.

Just read the book, and while I liked it, I'm not sure how well The Leftovers is going to translate to the screen (even if it is HBO). It's a lot more internal, and not a lot of action. In fact, not much really happens. It's more reflective of what happens to people and the choices they make. I guess I'll be interested how they flesh it out and what they're thinking if it's a series and not just a self-contained miniseries.

All 64 Stephen King novels ranked and reviewed!

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Monday, April 14, 2014

Cool Shit 4/14

Here's another list on the internet you can get mad about. This week: debut albums.

If you didn't think you could be disgusted by pizza, this list will put your devotion to the test.

It's disturbing to think how much Hollywood is in love with sequels. This list of movies that could have been sequels shows us. And if they had made a sequel to Seven with Morgan Freeman suddenly psychic...

Thinking about a trip to Paris or Venice? Why not look at this list of different destinations around the world and expand your horizons a bit?

Beckett is one of my favorite author's expounding such thoughts as "“The sun shone, having no alternative, on the nothing new.” Read that and 24 more of his thoughts on life (if you're feeling too chipper this morning), here.

The best of these awesome backyards is obviously the poorly conceived, obviously accident-heavy DIY dual waterslide backyard. 

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Friday, April 11, 2014

Cool Shit 4/11

If you're a Jeep head, or even just like cool cars , check out these models currently out in the desert being off-roaded.

More documentary recs you can stream right now (if you have Netflix). Also fair warning about Dear Zachary (which is on the list), it WILL make you question humanity. Do not watch it if you have a warm heart.

A pretty damning piece (if you didn't think this actually went on to begin with) about paying collegiate athletes to play at specific schools. It will never stop; everyone is doing it.

Nootropics. Supplements to help possibly your most important organ: (get your mind out the gutter sickos) the brain.

Really cool aerial photography of famous places.

Websites you should know that can help with your professional life. Unless your professional life consists of not acting like a professional. Then you only need one site: xhamster (NSFW)

Want to get your hands on Google Glass? Have $1,500 burning a hole in your pocket? You've got a chance, but only for 24 hours.

A list of unnecessary movie sequels could be infinity long and still wouldn't probably grasp how stupid Hollywood can sometimes be. Fortunately this list only has 10.

By now you've heard about it, Stephen Colbert is taking over for David Letterman. My completely unnecessary, meaningless thoughts: I don't know what he brings new and innovative to an already crowded late-night marketplace. I have never watched a single second of his current show. I know what it is however, and know there's simply no way he can fully bring that to CBS. My guess is he will do a nightly segment where he morphs that into some sort of "news break" to take advantage of his talent. Unfortunately, it will be pandering and a fraction of what he does on Comedy Central. It's unfortunate that television can't think creatively, since you know, it is a creative medium.

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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Cool Shit 4/10

Unsolved Mysteries, back in the day, was my jam. And it's a crime that more episodes aren't on Youtube. Yeah yeah, I get it - copyright infringement and all that, but without the tease of it on Youtube, it will never reach a new audience. Plus, who knows how many more mysteries might get solved?

There's more to gin than just what Snoop Dog says about it.

Play the long con with the stock market and invest in these goods in services to (hopefully) get rich down the road.

I guess the explanation of "artillery fortification" explains these rings of water found at an old WWII German base, but I still hold out some hope for "alien nazi technology." Of course that's my go to for a lot of unexplained stuff.

Looking to refine your cooking skills in the kitchen? Start off by reading these tips from famous New York chefs.

While I'm not a woman, this is obviously good advice for just about anyone if they ever come across a lesbian in the wild. Also, this was written in 1988!

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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Cool Shit 4/9

It's amusing how far apart some people can perceive science and religion are, while others can make them seem so maddeningly intertwined. I have no horse in the science vs. religion debate (well I do, but I also don't think it matters since we most likely have to be dead to get evidence of a religious afterlife), but this theory that we could live on in another state after death seems to rub everyone faces into everything.

Tribeca Film Fest is coming up, and if you get a chance to go, here are 10 movies you should check out.

There's a lunar eclipse coming next week which apparently means we're all going to die. Or Christ is coming back. Or maybe both. It's hard to keep up with doomsday predictions.

Getting down to brass tacks, we finally know what the world's favorite number is.

Everything you wanted (and probably a lot of stuff you didn't) to know about the band Kiss.

News that former interns at Taco Bell came up with the idea for Doritos Tacos. Of course, every stones freshman in the 90s can also make that claim, so seriously interns? Shut up.

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