Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Cool Shit 7/29

Words for those times when you don't know what else to say.

At first glance, the headline, "Quentin Tarrantino's Science Fiction film could e seriously weird" is enticing, and generates a lot of excitement. But after a little thought, (and reading the article) you might say to yourself, "that's really not that big of a proclamation, nor is it that boastful of a statement. Especially once you realize NOTHING IS SAID AT THIS LINK THAT IS ANYTHING WEIRD.

This guy never really defines his criteria too well for what makes a beer overrated, so take it as nothing more than a personal list of beers he's angry at when a lot of people speak to him about them, or order them a lot in his presence. And drink what you want.

Traveling to Sierra Leone or Liberia anytime soon? Might want to rethink the plans unless you've built up an immunity to Ebola.

Twelve "high concept" shows that looking back on them, were not high concept at all. In fact, it's amazing Hollywood execs green light stuff like this. Also, I'm physically ill from watching the Automan clip.

Trailer for the last movie in the Hobbit trilogy. You know, that small book that set up the Lord of the Rings trilogy that was about the end of that world? This is the problem with creating prequels to movies where the stakes couldn't get higher. We know who survives. And based on the characters not being in the later books, we can kind of figure out who dies. So that takes the dramatic tension away. Plus, sure, you can use as many somber songs and gravelly voiced narrators to make something serious - but the battle in this movie simply doesn't hold the same stakes as the one on The Return of the King. I just don't understand why decisions like this are made sometimes.

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Monday, July 28, 2014

Cool Shit 7/28

Space is a weird, wild place that holds billions of mysteries for us to probably never solve.

Collective nouns are fun because they basically make no sense (a murder of crows?). So have fun the with these correct collective nouns of the supernatural realm.

So The Intruders, the new BBC America show, has aired. Here's a review. Seems like it could be  a good show. Unfortunately Wayward Pines, the FOX/M Night Shyamalan collaboration also got reviewed, and that doesn't fare so well.

Whoa. Who would have guessed that one of the more buzzed about things from this year's Comic Con was going to be the new Mad Max movie trailer? You might think that's crazy, but that's because you haven't seen the trailer yet. Enjoy...

More info about these radio "bursts" we keep receiving from outer space. No one knows what's causing them, and no one is ruling anything out just yet.

Secret internet societies.

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Friday, July 25, 2014

Cool Shit 7/25

Aw man, now I want a bespoke chef knife!

I share this silly GQ Sharknado 2 puff piece (and it amazes me that GQ has stooped to the level of offering Sharnado 2 puff pieces) only for the bit about Tara Reid suggesting a tornado housing sharks is an actual, real life possibility.

Documentaries generally get short shrift, so here is a list of the best docs from 2014 so far.

Care to watch early Rachel Dratch and Tina Fey sketch comedy?

A Susan Surandon interview that covers a lot of things, including taking mushrooms in the Grand Canyon, having an affair with David Bowie and hitting up Burning Man.

The sordid history of TMZ. Wanna know how much power it holds?

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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Cool Shit 7/24

Hong Kong obviously relies on neon to trumpet business; rifle through over 4000 photos of it to get a better sense of how.

You can now read the Marvel Comic catalog online for just 99 cents. You get one month. Go!

Trailer for Space Station 76. Looks like it has some potential...

Interview with Neil DeGrasse Tyson.

Well here's a cheery thought to start your morning.

Oh boy - 50 Shades of Grey movie, here we come! This looks fantastically stupid!

Fake online identities. They're easier to create than you might think.

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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Cool Shit 7/23

Yet another helpful guide to getting drunk while in prison. Don't say I never give you guys something!

Enjoy Miles Davis opening up fro the Dead in 1970.

You may have thought you saw every food that could possibly be deep fried deep fried, but that's a dangerous thought. Well, it's probably a somewhat healthy thought, unless you're a vegetable oil salesman. Behold the latest state fair foods ready to be unleashed.

Done with those Altoids? Don't throw away the tin! Use it to make your own personal survival kit.

By now, I'm sure you've heard of the Amazon service that let's you pay $10 a month to read as much as you want from a 600,000 book catalog. Or, you know you could just do it for free and choose from over 6 million titles at the open library. Damn you Amazon. Damn you straight to hell.

Make your next trip to Disney World/Land that much cooler with these hidden gems.

News of a Manimal movie from Will Ferrell and Adam McKay has brought up mixed emotions. On the one hand, treating it as a comedy is going to be difficult, because when it was on TV, the seriousness led to comedy all by itself, and to force it seems difficult. But on the other hand...it's Manimal. And it gives me the chance to post this:

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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Cool Shit 7/22

Sometimes deleted scenes out of movies are deleted with good reason. Though I can't believe Lucas cut the "silent communication" scene. It seems to go with the rest of the horrible decisions he made.

Sun Ra (nee Herman Blount) was an interesting figure in the music scene of the 60s. And did you know he taught a class at Berkley? And that you can get the syllabus and hear one of his lectures here?

Though cannibal fetishism is a real, disturbing thing, this case of a man possibly trying to meet and eat a 14 year old girl goes beyond it (if that's possible) and into the world of potential arrests for thought crimes.

Looking for a new series to watch? One that doesn't have a bandwagon of fans? One that you can say you heard about (relatively) first? Enjoy this trailer for The Intruders...

A look at slang for sexual acts and relations, though at this point, haven't we basically commandeered every word to mean something sexual in a slang-like way? Of course my favorite is "taking a ride on the slitty slitty bang bang." Which I just made up.

The sad story of the dying art of pick pocketing. Well, sad if you are a pick pocket. It's obviously an art. A criminal, illegal art.

Homeland: Season 4 is out this October. I bailed after season 2 and its inconsistencies. It seems like I goat away just when I should have. Regardless, if you're a fan, here's a trailer:

And finally RIP James Garner. If you have the time, watch The Great Escape today. If not, at least watch this montage of awesome opening answering machine cold opens from The Rockford Files.

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Friday, July 18, 2014

Cool Shit 7/18

So, if Batman were real, and lived in our universe, how long would it take the government to figure out just who the hell he was?

Kinda sorta new music from Squirrel Nut Zippers...

This article suggests some of the more bold Doritos experiments are a failure; I suggest just the opposite. I want my snack chip company giving me the hope that the things my brain creates during all night weed binges could possibly one day exist.

But if it's a secret, how does anyone know where it is? The CIA is doing a poor job with its museum apparently.

Chatting with Sir Paul McCartney.

So you caught the soccer bug during the World Cup. But now it's over and there's no more soccer, right? Think again.

RIP Johnny Winters.

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