Friday, December 19, 2014

Cool Shit 12/19

So Serial ended yesterday. I hope it satisfied you and met whatever expectations you had for it.

String theory. It's a theory about the universe. Poppycock or Groundbreaking?

Global disaster: how are we all going to eat? Two guys put some thought behind it. Hint: it's probably bugs.

The cost of your a hacker.

Hey, remember Elon Musk's Hyperloop? And he was all like, "I could totally do this, but I'm too busy." And everyone else was kinda like, "Hmmm, sounds cool? Is it like Super Train, the 1979 NBC series? Because if it isn't I'm out."

Well, where do you think it stands now? (Hint: unfortunately, it doesn't seem to be paralleling Super Train.)

Looking for vacation ideas? Why not head to a Soviet Union-era ghost town

Looking back down on us at night. While these images are cool, it does sadden me a little that with all this light pollution we're losing our sight what lies above us. And that is filled with wonder too.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Cool Shit 12/18

Rogue Pharmaceuticals. It's weird how something potentially so dangerous is so accessible to basically anyone with a computer.

It's a simple question: Lennon or McCartney?

The U.S. - Cuban relations are getting better, which means we're probably going to be able to get our hands on more Cuban cigars. But are they really better, or is the allure of doing something illegal what makes them so in demand?

The top Google searches for 2014. Of course I assume they've scrubbed the list clean of porn.

Another one from Adult Swim. Warning, you will most likely not laugh:

When Tron came out, Disney inadvertently commissioned one of the trippiest documentaries about computer graphics that you will ever see. Here's the story behind it. And here's the documentary...

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Cool Shit 12/17

Bogus science is bogus; I'm hoping that the majority of the people that visit here read these claims and laugh at the absurdity rather than assume it's government propaganda and go back to revering Dr. Oz.

Tim Burton confirms Winona Ryder will be back for the Beetlejuice sequel. Wait - there's a Beetlejuice sequel? And no one thinks this is a bad idea because...?

Every time I listen to Black Messiah I like it more. Here's a breakdown of thoughts on each track on the D'Angelo album.

Living in Antarctica. I think the thing that saddens me the most are the misconceptions people have about Antarctica, such as the idea that there are polar bears there, or that there would be native Antarcticans.

There are some people out there that think the super nova of a distant star is going to bathe Earth in a ungodly amount of weird radiation, causing a catastrophe worse than a Nuclear War which will basically destroy our existence. And it could at any moment, even right...NOW! But that's completely insane. I assume the radiation will simply turn us all into Hulks.

Enough with the naysayers. The next ten years are going to be awesome!

Podcasts are huge right now, and it's almost as though people didn't realize they've been around for the last eight years or so. Anyway, here's a list Slate did for the best 25 podcast episodes. I'd just use it to find some cool podcasts to listen to. 

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Cool Shit 12/16

Sure, the idea of antibiotic resistant viruses aren't that big of a deal yet, but when it's killing 10 million people a year, we might start to notice.

Been following Serial? Then you know the timeline of the murder is one thing that's never been accurately figured out. Until now?

More post-Serial fodder: Eight intriguing unsolved murder mysteries.

D'Angelo has a new album out after nearly 15 years of silence. Find out what that's a big deal.
If you like what you read and heard there, then you can deep dive on the past 15 years of D'Angelo, and try to wrap your head around everything.

New Terrence Malick film called Knight of Cups starring Christian Bale. It's certainly Malickian. But it also seems it may involve Antonio Banderas and Brian Dennehy so...

I love the Black List - NOT the NBC/James Spader show, but the list of popular, unproduced screenplays that comes out every year. Here's a breakdown of all the science fiction related scripts on the list this year.

You're obviously not making hot chocolate the way you should be making hot chocolate if you really want to enjoy the essence of hot chocolate. Hot chocolate!

The night Richard Pryor made Saturday Night Live what it is. 

Space missions you probably don't know about, but should, or at least will think are kind of cool.

Monday, December 15, 2014

Cool Shit 12/15

I think the moral of the story of this sliding board video is, if you see an awesome looking slide that is boarded up, get one of your friends to climb it and go down:

These 24 pictures do a pretty good job of summarizing 2014.

Undulating fog in the Grand Canyon...

Where has James Bond been and where might he go: an essay.

Want to put your true insignificance on display? Travel to these places and gaze upon the stars.

The mysteries of World War II. Where's Robert Stack?

The reason we're not back on the moon? Money.

Anyone else excited to see Inherent Vice? If so, here's a primer list of movies to get you into good shape for it.

Lesser Star Wars characters that were turned into action figures. You know for the sake of completeness and not a money grab at all.

It will be interesting to see how they deal with the whole "Deckard is a replicant" in the Bladerunner sequel that is apparently happening. I hope it's in a "he was never a replicant" way since I think there was a bit of revisionist history when Ridley Scott said he made the movie with that idea. Because if that were the case, the movie loses the whole "replicants have more humanity than humans angle" which really worked (in my opinion). Regardless, Harrison Ford likes the script!