Thursday, July 9, 2015

Cool Shit 7/9

The Spoils Before Dying is the followup to The Spoils of Babylon, a spoof miniseries on IFC. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, I'm not going to be able to easily explain it to you, so go to the link.

Seven Days in Hell, Andy Samberg's new comedy mocumentary about the longest game played at Wimbledon. The sport of tennis is ripe to mock, I just they could have done it slightly better by simply following Samberg's character throughout a tournament, instead of framing it within one match.

Get to know what a bottle episode is on a television series, and how to do one right:

New trailer for the Spielberg/Coen Brothers mashup Bridge of Spies. Seems like there is A LOT going on in this movie. Also, the title stinks.

Quantum physics is pretty impossible to slog through, unless your a quantum physics scientist. And even then it's not the simplest thing. But here are six basic principles to at least get you started on the trail toward a basic understanding of it all.

Ever wonder about the nutritional value of prison food?

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Cool Shit 7/8

So Hannibal was cancelled, and while there were some early reports of it possibly getting picked up somewhere else, that somewhere else will not include Amazon nor Netflix. So what are the other options?

So this wingsuit flight is completely insane:

Extreme body modification is getting more and more technical as we plunge into the future. 

Time lapse of a super cell thunderstorm in South Dakota...

News of a Han Solo standalone "origin" film is bittersweet for me; obviously I love the character, but not sure I want to know his back story.

Back when ESPN was stretching for programming, swamp buggy racing was on. So I've seen this, multiple times, and appreciate the level of entertainment that comes with it.

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Cool Shit 7/7

This is most likely how the machine uprising starts, born out of the hubris of humans challenging each other with slave robots in a fighting pit. The science-fiction novel writes itself.

Enjoy a 6,000 FPS video of a 143 MPH serve:

I was always a Paul guy. I felt like he got shortchanged (as much as that's possible within the Beatles) because few gave him credit for being the force that held the Beatles together as long as they were together. In fact, most of what he says in this interview, I agree with. I just wish he didn't actually come out and say it, since it seems as though he's bothered enough by it that he has to let people know about dirty laundry and petty squabbled that happened over 50 years ago.

Travel a lot but don't have access to wi-fi in airports? Try these simple tricks.

I haven't tried Apple Music yet, but everything I've read so far has made it seem somewhat confusing. Therefore, these tips should help users out.

Didn't Barbarella already answer this?

My dad once told me, as we were sitting and watching Wimbledon coverage on HBO back in the day, after I suggested I would like to go to Wimbledon some day, that "you'd have a better chance getting in as a player than as a spectator." While I doubt that's really true, the allure and prestige of the tournament sometimes makes it feel that way. This article does little to change that perception.

Monday, July 6, 2015

Cool Shit 7/6

"Every" time traveling movie, ranked.

This past weekend was the Nathan's hot dog eating contest. You may have heard there was an upset. But that's not really important. What is important is the brilliance behind the introductions to the challengers.

The definition of classic rock, and why it might mean it's dwindling.

A deep dive into Sam Peckinpah's Straw Dogs and what it meant for his career.

I guess this theory would explain Batman within the comic book universe.

As the Grateful Dead wind it down, let's take a look back at their innovative "Wall of Sound."

What your body goes through in a routine day...

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Cool Shit 7/2

Disney owning the Star Wars universe gives us the potential to have films about all sorts of stuff based in that reality. Here are a few ideas of what would be cool. What are yours?

Sometimes the idea of living off the grid in a commune sounds intriguing to me, but then I realize I would be living with a bunch of people that were REALLY into living on a commune. Anyway, here are some pictures of a commune.

There's a new Terminator movie coming out. And it basically resets everything that happened in the other Terminator movies. Or something. Take a look at all the killer robots from the series...

Beats 1, the "radio" station that comes with Apple Music went live the other day.

A game from the dark web that no one seems to know much about: Sad Satan.

Home of the planet's unofficial "worst weather" tag? A mountain in New Hampshire.