Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Killing: AMC's Latest and Greatest

I have Dennis Hopper/Isabella Rossellini relationship with AMC's original programming. I liked Mad Men when I watched it, but not enough to stick with it (I do keep telling myself I'll go back, but I'm kidding no one). I've never seen Breaking Bad, but heard it's fantastic. I loved Rubicon (detailed here), and they took that away from me. Walking Dead I felt had a very uneven season (first episode was fantastic - the middle dragged - last episode has given me hope).

And now here comes The Killing...

Based on a Danish series, The Killing centers around the "investigation" of a girl. I say investigation because, if you watch the above trailer, it suggests the case may be a kidnapping. Of course, the title of the series might give away that teeny tiny spoiler.

Before seeing this 4 minute "teaser," I was definitely excited for this show. Though AMC callously destroyed 2010's best television series, I am set to forgive them and check out The Killing.

After seeing it however, I believe I have a few reasons to give pause...

I'm a little concerned with some of the stereotypes the show seems to be employing - mainly in the councilman's (or guy running for council/some political seat). In the video we see the ambitious, amoral young go getter campaign manager snarkily trying to use the tragedy for the campaign's gain. Which is bad enough - but isn't a political candidate's involvement in this whole case seemingly a cliche? I beg and pray and hope the councilman isn't hiding a deep dark secret about the "missing" woman.

The high school scenes felt a little forced too, right down to the bitch of a drug dealer that seemingly lives alone and acts all tough in front of a grieving father. Are there really kids like that - kids who can operate on a sociopathic level during a murder investigation? It boggles the mind.

I realize this was simply 4 minutes of a entire series, on a channel that is known for creating excellent television fare, so this by no means will stop me from watching the show. What it has done is elevated my concern; if this thing is a standard, by-the-book cop show, I'm going to be really pissed that it exists and Rubicon doesn't.


Anonymous said...

I was really really pissed when AMC cancelled Rubicon. It seems that cerebral shows tend to get the axe more so than the stupid reality shows.

Goose said...

that's why I'm afraid to get involved in The Killing. My interest will inevitably lead to it's early cancellation.