Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Killing: Day 10

Day 10 (or technically the end of Day 9, unless you want to squabble over what time the teacher was beat up) starts on the body of Bennet, left out in the rain, but still alive…barely. Stan did a number on him. He must have been an effective enforcer in the Seattle mob. Also, the Seattle mob? It almost sounds cute!

Anyway, Stan comes home, and Mitch shows him the pink shirt. Again I suggest that if the shirt was what sent Stan over the edge to turn back to his mob roots and beat up Bennet, then he and Mitch aren’t the sharpest knives in the drawer. I guess we could have inferred that from the barely successful moving company they run and the repeated hiring of Belko, but still…it just goes to show you that while Stan may have been a good enforcer for the mob, he probably wasn’t going to climb that organization’s career ladder too quickly.

Over at the police station, things aren’t going much better for our detectives. Briefing the chief, Linden and Holder admit that Bennet was the wrong angle to play, and that they’re pretty much back at square one. As is the audience. I mean seriously, we obviously have our theories about who killed Rosie, but nothing has been revealed yet to point us in the direction of a suspect. And I think that’s what has been the most frustrating part of this series. The creators spent so much time giving us the Red herring Bennet, and no time on pursuing (or laying groundwork) for another suspect, and here we are with only 3 and-a-half episodes to go.

The detectives hear about Bennet, and Linden is beating herself up pretty bad over the whole thing; Holder not so much. And I liked this scene because it’s another piece in the evolution of the Linden/Holder relationship. I know I’ve harped on this show a bunch, but one thing I think it has done well is developed these two detectives in a real way. It’s not sickeningly sweet; it’s not horrendously over the top; it’s closer to real.

After a spell at the home, Stan turns himself in. I guess an argument could be made that he is still Rosie’s killer, but it would be tough. This pretty much shows he can’t live guilt of beating up an innocent person, so I have to imagine he wouldn’t be able to function to well if he were his daughter’s murderer.

Linden goes and visits Richmond, presumably at his apartment, which looks incredible. No seriously, Trump is probably envious of this bachelor pad. I guess we finally know what Gwen sees in him. As Richmond opens the door, we see him playing with a basketball, which I guess is the subtle way the director chose to let us know he sank the shot from last week’s episode? In a pseudo apology, she tells him not only is Bennet is innocent, which Richmond pompously says he knew all along (maybe because he killed Rosie?) but also that Bennet is in the hospital because yeah, he got beat up. Richmond stays pompous to the end of course. I guess he can be since he’s 5 million dollars richer.

But wait, we still need to be hit over the head one more time before we can REALLY start feeling bad for Linden. As she heads back to the boat, Regi is there, waiting, tattling on Jack for drinking a little beer and calling Regi a lesbo. At first, Linden is upset and tells Regi Jack is gonna get it, but when Regi starts shining the light on how Linden might have a little something to do with the behavior, she pulls up anchor, gruffly wakes Jack up and heads to a motel. Honestly, probably not the smartest thing to do, but also I would have totally done the same thing. Linden’s got a lot of pressures on her right now, and while her priorities are definitely out of whack, at that moment, I can definitely understand her actions. Now, is a motel a great place for Jack right now? Yeah, probably not.

Richmond, Jamie and Gwen see a golden opportunity in this Bennet situation. They quickly move forward to take advantage of it by cancelling the attack ads they had running, and starting to create the candidate of integrity. A great plan, and I can’t see anything being able to railroad Richmond now!

Linden is at the precinct and she and Holder go back to square one and start going over the evidence they have, all over again. Wow – actual detective work! Trying to tie up some of the more preposterous theories, they go about eliminating the mob connection one.

Linden is off to see Stan at county (I’ve always wanted to say that). She asks about the mob history. He’s not exactly forthcoming, but he also doesn’t give her a reason to think this was mob related. Is he just clamming so as not to be considered a rat, or is he telling the truth. God, I hope it’s the truth so we don’t have 3 episodes of taking down the Seattle mob.

Holder goes to have a little chap with Belko, and let’s just say Belko is not the world’s greatest liar. In fact, on a list of liars, he would be really close to the bottom.

At Stan’s arraignment, he wants to plead guilty, but his lawyer won’t let him. I guess this is a good time to bring up the fact that it would certainly be interesting if Bennet does turn out to be the murderer. We could feel good knowing Stan didn’t beat up an innocent guy (because really, isn’t Stan the most sympathetic character in this whole show? Even Rosie’s brothers are annoying), and it would probably be the one twist that could save a little of the integrity of the series.

Linden talks to a cabbie that picked Rosie up from Bennet’s place the night of the murder and dropped her off back at the Larsen’s place. Linden and Holder watch the cab video and see that yes indeed, she was dropped off at home. Holder suddenly has a Sherlock Holmesian moment and deduces that someone was at the Larsen household when she was dropped off. Seriously, it was as preposterous as Cooper seeing a reflection in the eye of Laura Palmer to deduce she was murdered or whatever in the beginning of Twin Peaks. I’m not necessarily complaining about either of these moments either; I’m just saying both moments were slightly implausible. Whatever, at least Holder is showing off some detective skills other than picking up 16 year old chicks. Remember that? Back when he was pervy and seedy and awesome?

Terry has the difficult moment of telling the annoying Larsen brothers about their father and explaining why he’s in jail. Thankfully the moment is interrupted by Larsen and Holder stopping by. Holder again goes to talk to Belko, while Linden sidles up to Terry to try and find out who could have been at the Larsen household on the night of the murder. Terry can’t get the words out fast enough to make Belko out to be Charles Manson. Meanwhile, Belko wilts even more under the Holder questioning. And only because the symbolism is heavy in this episode, the whole time Holder is questioning Belko, he’s holding a basketball. I’m not sure what the basketball is supposed to represent in this show, so I’ll just choose it’s supposed to pick Tom Drexler and his stadium, because he’s my favorite suspect. Still. Oh sure, like you have a better one based on something the show has offered? I don’t believe you.

Belko’s alibi for the night of the murder is that he was at his mom’s house, which leads to the best scene of the series so far. Yes, Belko’s mom is a caricature of a character – a 70 year old, lingerie-wearing slut who immediately hits on Holder. But, and maybe I’m naïve, or giving this show a lot of leash, but in the moment of the show, she helped create a creepy atmosphere and it somehow worked. And she went a long way toward showing why Belko is the way he is. Sure, Belko is a weirdo, but a sympathetic one at that, having had to live with his mom. Still, they find a bunch of marbles (don’t know the significance) and a bunch of pictures of the Larsens (definitely understand the significance of those) on the ceiling. Notice I said, “pictures of the Larsens,” and not “pictures of Rosie.”

Linden and Holder get into the box with Belko, and here’s another instance of actual police work That’s like three times in this single episode!. They break him down fairly quickly and he tells a story about how much he loves the Larsens; how he often sat at the Larsen’s kitchen table when they weren’t around; how Rosie came home that night when he was there; how he heard Rosie talking to “Adela.” It’s a legitimate story and something I’m not sure Belko could concoct. Quick aside: I thoroughly enjoyed Linden describing Belko’s mom as, “She’s a different sort of person, isn’t she?”

Meanwhile, Gwen and Jamie are watching a girl named Valerie (seriously, they went to great lengths to make sure we got her name) go through video of Richmond shaking hands…specifically with Rosie. This would not be good for the campaign if it ever got out there. Valerie helpfully reminds us all about how her body was found in one of Richmond’s campaign cars and what a crazy coincidence it is that he almost seemed to know her! And just like that, we’ve tied Richmond into the investigation. Which I guess is good, since there has to be at least a slight reason as to why the show has been so involved with the campaign. I just hope he doesn’t turn out to be the murderer. There has been no suggestion he’s been involved in this at all, up until this point. You know what, one more scene with Valerie, and I’m going to suspect her. She probably did it because Rosie called her “Val” one too many times!

Mitch is trying to help run the moving business and she gets a call from the bank about the secret house Stan bought and now she knows and oh no and who cares about the secret house unless that’s where Stan murdered Rosie. Seriously, the existence of this house is the only reason I still have a thread-bare thought still that Stan could have murdered Rosie. We have to assume there’s something about the house that’s involved since it’s been continually brought up, right? So who wants to bet it’s the murder scene?

Holder and Linden, now with the mob theory and the Belko angle (presumably) over, are now trying to track down the “Adela” angle. I only bring it up because yet again there is a basketball in this scene – Holder is playing with a miniature basketball as they’re talking.

Linden finally heads back to home, or more specifically the awesome motel where she left he budding alcoholic son all alone for the entire day. Mom of the year! And look who’s here – Rick. You remember Rick, her fiancé. Or, maybe I should say, ex-fiance. Rick hints that Linden may have been in a psychiatric hospital over a previous case, and gives her an ultimatum: fly back to Oakland with him tonight or… Linden of course picks the “or…” and Rick leaves, hopefully tying up this part of the story. Until he comes back and is the murderer.

Next morning (day 11?), Linden is up early and out running by the sound, where she happens upon a ferry schedule. A ferry schedule for a ferry named Adela. This kicks off the now famous montage scene that ends every episode. We see Stan in prison wistfully looking out the window, Mitch going over the books of the moving company, and Linden on the Adela, heading to an Indian casino which just so happens to share a logo with the thing on the keychain that was found with Rosie.

While I made some jokes about this episode, I thought it was a good one, and moved the plot along. I only wished it happened during day 5 and not day 10. The whole FBI plot line, and Bennet red herring took entirely too long and ultimate went nowhere. Worse, it led the viewer nowhere and now it feels as though we’re starting all over again. So, while the show feels like it’s finally hit its stride, there are only three episodes left. And when you think about it, we only have two leads – the keychain/casino evidence, and Richmond on video shaking Rosie’s hand. Why we had to wait until day 10 to get these revelations, I don’t understand.

Hopefully, the show keeps the momentum going for these last 3 episodes. If it does, I think I’ll be happy overall. But if it stumbles, I can’t imagine I would ever check in for a second season of this show. I enjoy the actors (Linden is especially attractive in her thick yet form hugging sweaters, but I’m biased) and while Holder has dipped a little after the first two episodes, I feel he’s still the best character of the show. I hope the creators have found their direction and stay the course.

Suspect List

Belko – I don’t think he’s capable of getting away with the murder of Rosie, but this episode certainly shined the crazy light on him. I wouldn’t be shocked if it turned out to be him. Not thrilled, but not necessarily surprised.

Stan – I’d like to put him to rest as a suspect. His actions in this episode suggest he knows right from wrong and will deal with the consequences appropriately. Still, this secret house has come back into the picture for some reason.

Terry – Hey, it’s possible. Did Rosie find out she loves Stan more than just a brother-in-law? Will there be any payoff to her and Mr. Aames?

Richmond – A man running for mayor on the concept of integrity almost always has a skeleton in his closet ready to fall out and destroy his credibility. Or maybe it will be a simple video clip.

And now for my Tom Drexler theory…

Why would Drexler kill Rosie? I have no idea. But I’m still holding onto that notion. Look, we know Rosie was found with expensive shoes. I’m going to assume she got them at the casino. If you didn’t know, there are many boutique type stores at casinos, a perfect place for people to throw some of their newly earned money at expensive, frivolous items. So, what if Rosie met Drexler at the casino and they hit it off. At least enough to enjoy a drink or two. But maybe not enough for Drexler’s liking. And I bet Drexler is the type that doesn’t hear no very often. But why would Drexler be at the casino at the first place? Well, as the show’s resident rich person, it would make sense that one of his investments was to help an Indian tribe bring a casino to the Seattle area. And if this basketball imagery that continues to come up throughout the series doesn’t at least moderately involve Drexler, I’ll be moderately surprised.

Having said all that, I hope you enjoy Valerie being your killer.


gdr said...

The scene with Bev was hysterical and creepy at the same time. I'm hanging on Belko m0lesting the Larsen kid with the bed wetting problem.

Stan... sticking with him, though my support is fading. He beat the bejesus out of Bennett since he was mad at himself. Now turns himself in while not answering questions about the mob past or Rosie. I still ask, how did he know to go to the pond that Rosie was in? He was never told on-camera.

Belko... he'll do whatever Stan tells him to do. Probably didn't kill Rosie but could be an accomplice to Stan (one carried her while the other drove?)

Gwen/Jamie... the jealous girlfriend or the scheming sidekick? Gwen seemed as if the Rosie video was new to her.

Richmond... Looks like he personally knew Rosie... but not as Rosie? Call girls getting murdered in town (wasn't that the serial killer angle a few episodes ago?), was Rosie a call girl and Richmond knew her as her street name?

Drexler... agreed on all fronts

Adams? He has $1,500/month to pay his baby mama, why not throw some dough at the casino too

Ames... waterfront deal with Adams, Indian casino possibly on the water?

Four recent items still unanswered...
1)Terry has a date on Wednesday night (day ten, which we just started) with someone she enjoyed working with. Will we finally learn what Terry does when not at the Larsens? Waitress at casino?

2) Why did Terry have Rosie's books in her car? In my high school, I had every class every day. Was Rosie in the car Friday to leave her chemistry or whatever books?

3) Richmond claims to be out of cash ("I'll have to borrow some money from my parents" for an ad campaign). Really? With that spread and his fancy lad Connecticut background?

4) Richmond seems to desise Drexler, save for his deep pockets. Will they explore their rivalry/history?

Can't wait for the final three episodes. And to see a spinoff starring Bev.

Goose said...

I keep telling you Stan knew to go to the park - I'm like 75% certain Mitch told him they were searching for her around the park, and the pond/lake was there...which would make it a possible coincidence he happened upon the scene. That's believable enough for me. Of course, I still have that secret house lingering doubt. No idea why it came up last night other than it's going to factor in somehow. And if I remember correctly, Belko didn't know about it until Stan told him about it, right? So Stan would be the only connection to it.

gdr said...

I watched Ep1 twice, Stan was never told her body was in the pond/lake. Plus Mitch called him the Devil after their midday, post-dishwasher repair porking. He's so the murderer.

You and I have different views on teh house, which means we're both gonna be wrong. Tables are turned on Mitch now; she was the irresponsible one right after the death and Stan had to do everything. Now Stan's in jail and she has to take over.

After she examines the bank records she'll learn about the house. I see this as a way to get Janek back into the mix. Back in to do what, I do not know.

Goose said...

I know he wasn't told about the pond, but I thought he was told about the park. The pond/lake was on the way. Coincidence that he went that way so the show could film that riveting a scene of having a parent find the murder scene of their daughter. I think that's why they did it.

Janek coming back into the picture this late into the series would be a little jarring I think. I don't want the house to be involved in any way, I just don't know why it was reintroduced so late.

Cline said...

Belko's likely another red herring, but I'll console myself with an animated GIF of him punching that rock.

Oh, and by rubbing a few out to Bev.

I'm leaning towards Terry at this point. There's been some weird things (Rosie's books, funeral interaction w/ douche's Dad), & the speech to the boys about unintended consequences) and she has gone above & beyond to help the family. Granted, that's somehting a sister would do, but she's never seemed even a little put out by any of it. Almost like she feels a ton of guilt.

Nagging questions:

How were Linden & Holder able to clear Bennett without producing the Somali girl with intact labia?

Wouldn't you know where a big ferry like that goes if you live in the city as a cop? Would you really need to get on it?

And no one recognized the logo of a huge casino that's a short ferry ride away?

How does a bacon maple donut not resemble a fritter filled with bacon/syrup goodness?

I don't know about the Emmy's, but Linden's bras should win a Best Supporting award of some kind.

"lesbo" is the best slur her kid could come up with? He needs a Big Racist Brother to help him with such things.

BTW, I'm pretty sure her name is Val.

gdr said...

Terry certainly a suspect. Books in the car and don't forget the broken vase in the house after the cops were there (Larsens flying kites at beach with the sons). Or maybe they were Jasper's books since Terry's banging him and/or old man Ames?

Goose better edit his weblog before Val sees she called her Valerie. If not, Val killing Goose could be the backdrop for Season 2 of this show.

Goose said...

Seattle has like a billion ferries going every which way, so I can see them not knowing where one specific one goes. But I did find it a little strange they didn't recognize the logo. You're telling me there's never been trouble at that casino before? Or that no cop has ever been there? Heck I could recreate the Sugar House logo from memory and I think it's one of the worst ones ever.

Cline said...

I guess I was assuming the ferries would be run like a SEPTA-like organization. I mean, not run well or anything, but there would be schedules posted.

It's a minor gripe, admittedly.

Sugar House's logo (http://whyy.org/cms/radiotimes/files/2010/09/SugarHouseLogo.jpg) reminds me of Children's Hospital's (http://www.thewb.com/media/6a2ad682de/childrensnewplayercover.jpg).