Friday, July 8, 2011

Finding Bigfoot Part 2: Hooked

While the title might be slightly misleading, after gushing so much about the first episode I saw, I still had a few trepidations going into the second episode. After all, the bar had been set extremely high; what if I randomly saw the one episode that had everything awesome packed into it.

I felt nervous as the second episode queued up.

Thankfully, my worries were unwarranted.

This second episode took the team to the Pacific Northwest, in order to investigate a series of photos a man took while on a mountain hike. And the tree or other hiker that was so distant, and out of focus brought out the best in the team. Once again, they "reconstructed" the photo, which, to me proved that it could easily have been some random backpacker. The investigators, surprisingly had a different take on the whole thing. Here's the entire episode if you'd care to watch...

If you don't have the time to watch the whole thing, I've taken a few choice quotes from this episode. Hopefully, they can give you some of the flavor of the show...

"I know many of you have a Sasquatch call..."

(I mean, who doesn't really?)

"It's pretty clear from the photographs it's not a bear."

(what isn't clear is that it might be a tree or another person.)

"I've heard Sasquatch whistle twice."

(Not as surprising as you think. Apparently, they love the score to The Sting.)

"Dude, that sounds Sasquatchian."

(Dude, if you don't think Sasquatchian is making my lexicon, you don't know me.)

"See this hemlock? That's exactly what they like to sleep on."

(I appreciate the use of "exactly" here. This guy isn't playing around - he KNOWS what Sasquatch sleep on.)

"I highly suspect you were escorted out of this are by a sasquatch."

(This was in response to someone recounting their Bigfoot encounter. You have no idea how much I wish the B.F.R.O. investigators lived next door to me.)

"Water investigations give the opportunity to do some creative bigfooting."

(Because after a few hundred land investigations searching for an 8+ foot mythical creature in the woods that allegedly throws rocks and kills deer for food, you get bored with the standard procedure.)


Andrew said...

The best theory I have is that its Bobo in both original and re-enactment photos.
Definitely will be on the lookout for this show.

Goose said...

Are you suggesting the BFRO isn't on the up and up? Blasphemy!