Wednesday, August 3, 2011

"Twixt" - by Francis Ford Coppola

Val Kilmer.
Tom Waits.
Francis Ford Coppola.
Bruce Dern.
Val Kilmer with a ponytail.

I'm there...

I won't lie; this trailer seems to take hokiness, craziness, stupidity and goofiness and roll them up into a ball and regurgitate it all at once. I have no idea whether it is possible for it to be good. In fact, without the names listed above, it's probable I would simply dismiss it.

But I can't. Because of the names above. Yes, it's possible I'll get burned. After all, Coppola made Jack. Tom Waits was in Domino. Val Kilmer is...Val Kilmer. Still, it looks crazy enough that it might be fantastic, and I have a certain level of respect for artists who get to share their unique vision with the world. And that's what it looks like Coppola is doing with this.

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