Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Popcorn Trick's Next "New Favorite Show:" American Horror

After the awesomeness (you might slightly disagree unless you are a fan of sarcasm and I just totally confused myself) of The Killing, the last show the Popcorn Trick decided to follow, we thought it might be fun to do it all over again. And with the new Fall Season here, what better time than now?

Unfortunately, there were few contenders that tickled our fancy.

The Playboy Club?
Put it on Showtime or HBO and I'm interested. Put it on NBC and I'm longing for the return of The Event (not really).

Pan Am?
I'm sure it has more than women in airline costumes flying around to different locales, but seriously, does it have more than that?

That's a joke, right? If so, it's one more than what was in the first two episodes of Whitney.

Person of Interest?
Honestly, it looked intriguing until I saw the promos had Jesus going around and kicking ass and it fell flat. Perhaps we'll revisit it.

So, just when we thought we'd have to turn off the television and (ugh) pick up a book or something, we stumbled across news of a new FX show called American Horror Story. And oh yeah, all the hype that is following it.

Instead of poorly attempting to describe what it is, why don't you simply watch this trailer that poorly describes what it is!

Here's also the first five minutes of the show, which I've elected not to watch, some to stay fresh, but more so because five minutes sounds like a long time right now...

We'll hopefully be posting recaps 1-2 days after the episodes air. So come join the fun. After all, how could the creators of Nip/Tuck and Glee mess up a television show about horror?

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