Monday, September 27, 2010

Shattering the World Record For Most “Dog Police” Posts By A Blog in One Day

I was shocked by the “Dog Police” pilot that Goose posted earlier today.

Not because of the early star turns by Sandler & Piven, the repeated breaking of the 4th wall, or even the sheer metric tonnage of dog puns (no way that would have gotten old over the course of an entire season).

The shock was because they basically lifted the gimmick and theme song from an insanely catchy, if monumentally obscure 80s video. 

See what I mean after the jump.

I have a vague memory of seeing this video as part of MTV’s Basement Tapes, which let viewers vote on which unsigned bands would get a shot at stardom.  Kinda like

The show never made anyone a star, and the band never did anything of note after this.  Hell, they didn’t even win this crappy competition.

But I defy you to hear this song and not have it immediately displace important memories of dead loved ones’ faces.  It’s that catchy.

Random observations:

  • Their sound could be described as Wall of Voodoo meets Kip Adotta.
  • With the treatment of the somewhat-dark skinned woman, could there possibly be some racial overtones in this video? 
  • Regardless, I’d still hit that.
  • Midget in a tuxedo!
  • Some of the YT comments mention that the guy on the left looks like William H. Macy.  I say he looks more like Frogurt from Lost (who’s also in That (Gay) Thing You Do!).

While we’re on the subject of The Basement tapes, here’s a young, apparently bulimic Billy Crystal as a special guest for the 85 version.  He launches immediately into his Fernando material, and also works his ethnic material.  It’s all Martha Quinn can do to humor him.


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