Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Links of Interest 2/25

10 beers you should try before you die. I've tried none of them. Not happy I don't see the meat beer on here I've sampled and loved.

An $8 chocolate bar. Is it expensive because it’s good, or good because it’s expensive.

The real Robinson Crusoe.

Calculating the force of a stabbing can determine guilt apparently. I always thought the stabbing kinda determined guilt, but that's just me.

The second best news of the day. Richter is returning to Conan!

And here's the best news of the day. I'll let it be a surprise.

An interview with Tom Colicchio, the bald judge on Top Chef (without the accent).

The "it" comedian of the moment, Demetri Martin.

A compare and contrast between the cells in your body and the stars in a galaxy. Quite possibly need to be stoned to fully enjoy.

Album covers that are almost as important as the music underneath them.

A look at how and what DaVinci thought about all the time.

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