Monday, August 31, 2009

Links of Interest 8/31

Crazy time lapse video of the smoke from the forest fires outside of L.A.

You never like to hear about stuff like this. There has to be a way to tweak the current system to ensure there aren’t any questions left after an execution.

Pirates and the Antarctic? I’m in.

A fairly morbid playlist to get you going this Monday.

If you’re ever at Quizzo, and you have no ethical code to not cheat, and the question is how many people are currently in space, this is the website for you.

Speaking of space, here’s a slideshow of projects NASA gave up on.

Talking with author Neil Gaiman.

David Cross has a new book out, and he’s speaking to Time about it.

Remember the scene is Casino Royale where Bond is chasing the guy and there literally running up the side of buildings and jumping all around? It’s actually a sport called parkour. Here’s a video showing people doing it in New York.

Looking back through the history of Addidas sneakers.

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