Monday, February 1, 2010

Links of Interest 2/1

The Grammys last night were, uh, interesting.

When artists pick a cover and try to kick it up a notch. Sometimes it works. More than not however, it doesn't.

Not a huge hype year for Sundance. Your opinion may vary on whether that's good or bad. Regardless, here's a recap of what happened on the mountain Redford built.

Well this article was a bait and switch. I feel cheated.

The top 10 worst athlete signings of the last decade and no Philadelphia teams? The top 5 alone could have involved the Sixers!

What really goes on at those American Idol auditions?

At first glance, this list of everything John Locke said in Season 5 of Lost seems great. But then, you have to realize (well I think you have to realize) that for the last half of the season, it wasn't John Locke. And so it kind of falls apart. Still, freshen up for the premiere tomorrow.

With the Internet it's easier than ever to find that special someone, regardless of your interests.

Say what you want about Lady GaGa (though honestly, it's probably been already said) but you have to give her credit for spicing up a struggling music industry and succeeding.

A voodoo scholar (one of the better titles I've read in awhile) tries to set the record straight about the religion in the face of the Haiti earthquake.

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