Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Links of Interest 2/9

Gil Scott Heron returns. And we should all be happy about that.

Heroes is still on? I was honestly surprised when I heard that news. Here's an interview with the creator, Tim Kring.

I sometimes wonder how George Lucas feels about the fans' constant trashing of his movies. And then I remember that he's a billionaire and probably doesn't care. Regardless, here's a movie about the obsession people have with the man.

I'm not gonna lie; I wish I could spin a pen on my hand.

If you only have limited time, here are the must sees of the Vancouver Olympics.

First, I hate that Esquire unironically uses the term "man code" in this "guide" to wooing your loved one with music on Valentine's Day. But I will give him a thumbs not just for the Fela Kuti shout out, but also the recognition that Fela Kuti can be clothes-taking-off music. I've been shouting that for years.

However, he commits the ultimate sin by namechecking D'Angelo as the "go to" when all else fails, without even casually mentioning Marvin Gaye. To me, this is offensive. I'm guessing D'Angelo would suggest Marvin Gaye if he were asked. Save for Here, My Dear, you can't go wrong with Marvin Gaye playing in your bedroom.

I will say this article has given me the idea to come up with a nice little setlist for Valentine's Day. Look for it in the coming days.

Seriously, I bowed out when the author started talking about meeting yourself after walking through a time travel gate.

Inside the campaigns, strategies and history of Oscar nominations.

Sure, there's some science in this article, but really it's just cool to look at lightning in slow motion.

I had no idea these two were married.

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