Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Links of Interest 2/17

A pop culture map of time travel references. It's dizzying, if you can believe it.

It's hard to be a movie fan without counting Roger Ebert as an influence. This is a sad, yet inspiring article about the life he now leads after cancer ravaged his mouth, leaving him literally speechless. And yet he communicates now perhaps better than ever.

A visual of just how deep the Mariana Trench is.

Person in a deer costume, wooden acting, horrendous dialog...there isn't much more you need to make an awesome commercial.

Full disclosure: I hated Inglourious Basterds. I thought the plot was tepid, many of the characters had no reason for their behavior (seriously - the main guy simply pulls a 180 after the first 2/3 of the movie has been spent building him up as a total badass) and the theater - don't get me started: both plans to blow it up had nothing to do with one another. I guess that was a coincidence?

I really hate the fact that it's up for best picture.

Anyway, here's an article with Tarantino listing the movies that inspired him to make it.

Taking a look at where the honey bees went. Here's hoping the trees had nothing to do with it.

That Steve Jobs is one sneaky bastard.

Hair items!

I'm fascinated by all things El Bulli.

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