Thursday, February 11, 2010

Links of Interest 2/11

Apologies for lack of posts the past few days. I live on the east coast, or as I have now dubbed it Snowy Snow Snow Land. I have intermittently lost power and cable the past few days. And I was drunk/hungover for one of those days too.

A review of the first season of A Small Wonder.

There are 24 editions of Air Jordans!

Been wondering what Gilbert Gottfried has been up to recently?

Have a one dollar bill on you? Take a closer look at it.

Get ready for the Olympics (opening ceremonies are tonight!) by checking out some of the venues the competitions will be held in.

Sure, sometimes plastic surgery is nice. But sometimes it can go horribly wrong.

The best scenes in football movies.

China might not be a threat to go to conventional war with; but in cyberspace, all bets are off.

Better living through chemistry really can be considered a myth.

Customs agents never know what they're going to find.

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