Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Lost Songs: An Ipod special

I currently have over 10,000 songs on my Ipod. And countless other songs on my computer, on CDs, on vinyl and everywhere else. It's extremely difficult to keep up, and I've definitely fallen behind. And so I've decided in an effort to get back on course (or mostly to continually surprise myself), I've set aside a part of my day to randomly play songs on my Ipod with no repeats. (It's fairly easy to accomplish - set up a smart playlist and have it set to date played; once the song plays it will be eliminated from the playlist. Bonus is that songs that have never been played will also show up in the playlist so theoretically you could continually add and never have a repeat listen).

In doing this experiment, I have come across a bunch of songs that I'd forgotten or just plum never heard. It happens. (I'd love to read accounts of how people's music libraries were amassed. Go through the evolution and levels of interest. It fascinates me. Of course, I'm a weirdo). So I figured I would share with you, the reader, a few of the gems that pop up, in hopes that you'll be mildly entertained, and better yet, find something you might enjoy listening to.

Mississippi Mud - Hank Williams III

Coming from a royal lineage in music, Hank Williams III probably figured he had to do something a little different to A. stand out in the music business; and B. not get lumped in with his dad as a honky tonk country singer. That he chose to invest half of his music into a a hybrid country/speed metal mishmosh might be a decision that not everyone would have agreed with. But hey, it's different. And in doses (3-4 second doses, for me personally) it's interesting. Mississippi Mud comes from his more traditional country roots and is catchy, and reminds me of pure back country country music.

Sit Down By the Fire - The Veils

A friend turned me onto The Veils. Basically the conversation went like this:

Friend: Hey, you like music. You should check out The Veils.
Me: Ok.

(I'm easily influenced.)

While I don't think I've listened to the entire CD, but I think I remember what I've heard I liked. Hearing this song, I figure I'll head back and check them out in more detail. I like the "big" sound this song has, and feel it could be the score to someone running through the hills of the English countryside. Helicopter shot of course. Does someone have a helicopter I could borrow? I'm suddenly in the mood to make this shot a reality.

Who's Gonna Help Brother Get Further? - Lee Dorsey

I make no apologies for enjoying a good funk/soul song. Deep funk is actually what I would call it. The more obscure, the better. While not necessarily obscure, Lee Dorsey still fits this bill. You've probably heard him because of his "Working in a Coalmine," or "Ya Ya" singles. If you liked them, you'll like "Who's Gonna..." It's off a New Orleans funk compilation I stumbled across in my travels.

Brenda - Jon Spencer Blues Explosion

Mixing the blues with punk, Jon Spencer Blues Explosion is not for everyone. This is one of the group's more accessible songs. If you've never heard them and are intrigued, I would recommend starting out with the album Acme, and go from there.

GirlShapedLoveDrug - Gomez

Another band I got into on a friend's recommendation, I liked them because they had 3 distinct vocalists and you could get almost 4 different bands on each album. And then they fine tuned their sound, toned it down some, and kinda got a little more vanilla in my opinion. This song is off their "How We Operate" album, which, while I like it, just makes me want to listen to old, rocking Gomez. Still, I like this song a lot.

Man on the Corner (live) - Genesis

Yeah, that's right. I have Genesis on my Ipod. And a lot of it. I know this is basically admitting you enjoy Hitler's body of work for some people, but I won't make any excuses. And yes, I run the gamut on Genesis, so I can't even hide behind the "well, they did some pretty interesting stuff with Peter Gabriel" excuse. I fully enjoy the Phil Collins years. And I think this is a great one. Sure, aside from the crowd noise in the beginning and a few errant shouts here and there, there's no way to tell this is a live version. But so what? It's the band giving to their fans, and I feel like Phil is giving it his all here.

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