Monday, October 4, 2010

Trailer: Paranormal Activity 2

The movie Paranormal Activity, made on a shoestring budget, took the country by storm last year with a brilliant trailer (showing the audience react to watching the movie), and a clever, if slightly cliched home movie, Travel Channel ghost special approach. I watched it and enjoyed it, even though I thought it had a few problems. But if you can get over the fact that no two people would let what happened in the movie go on without getting outside help, I think you'll be able to enjoy it.

Of course, with it's success, the inevitable sequel had to be made. Wisely (at least in my opinion), they chose not to go the Blair Witch approach and make a crappy, horribly cliched, non-sensical, traditional horror movie, and instead stuck with what got them there and kept the handheld, "mockumentary" approach. And then they upped the ante and introduced kids!

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