Monday, October 15, 2012

Daily Links 10/15

Pablo Escobar's former mansion, that has been turned into a theme park. I think. The article and pictures don't really go into a lot of detail, which should be considered a crime based on the subject matter and tease.

And you thought LA traffic was bad before! (BWAHAHAHAHAHA) (No seriously, you should click on the link because it has cool pictures of the space shuttle driving through LA.)

This documentary of a film documenting a film documenting a film (I think I got that right) is begging for a mockumentary. And I know just the crew to pull it off...

Finally...I will attempt to give this a a bit of background: back in the 80s, CBS ran an awesome show called Simon and Simon. Last week, on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim this happened:

Here's the original, just so you can see how they match up:

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