Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Daily Links 10/31

Look, I realize that these guys (twins, by the way, another reason we maybe shouldn't trust them) have probably put in their time and are legitimate scientists. But their hypothesis here, sounds kinda like they were sitting around one day, passing a bong around and making shit up. Also, one of them actually uses the phrase, "frugal aliens" in a serious manner.

I guess a natural disaster is a great canvas for people to introduce made up things to other people in order to trick them. I guess. Here's a look at some of the more iconic photos from Hurricane Sandy, and a helpful guide to let you know whether they are real or fake.

Cool, illustrated look at all the cars James Bond has driven throughout the years.

There are thousands of stories of bravery, heroism and selflessness that go unnoticed in times of great tragedy - stories that appear small in the grand scheme of things, yet are important to the people that they affect. Here's one of those.

This look into the world of professional eating simply gets crazier and crazier as it goes on.

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