Thursday, October 18, 2012

Daily Links 10/18

I've always been fascinated by Area 51. Sure, at this point its existence is nothing more than a decoy, but for a young conspiracy buff it's the stuff of legend. And don't think, while this documentarian team broke the law, there's a big part of me that heralds them heroes.

Steven Seagal interviews are not easy to skip since they provide so much entertainment. And his most recent one apparently doesn't disappoint. Stupidly, Youtube took it down mere seconds before I was going to watch the whole thing, so all we're left with is this awesome summary of it and a teaser for it...

You can be assured if the full interview does show up, I will link to it.

Apparently, there's an ultramarathoner in Utah, who, in the offseason (I guess that would be the winter) stays in shape by building a luge course in the Wasatch Mountain range...

(Thanks to Dallas)

Ok, so there's really little setup or background to this video, but still it's fairly crazy, and I bet you watch it at least twice:

Everyone likes easy tips that makes their lives easier.

I somewhat vaguely recall this show existing, but I'm very mad that I've never actually seen an episode:

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