Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Cool Shit 4/14

So yeah, this Antman trailer looks good, but I think I have a fundamental problem with the concept of Antman (not the movie) in that while he obviously has a superpower, in a world of absolutely cosmic superpowers, being able to shrink and control ants just doesn't get the ol' engine running. Kinda seems he was last in line when they were handing out the powers. Still, the movie looks cool:

The 6 craziest bank heists in history. Eat your heart out Ocean's 11!

Did you ever notice that there was a lot of stuff that revolved around food on Seinfeld?

A few of the more dangerous (due to radiation and toxicity) areas around the world.

Excited for the new Avengers movie? Here's a bit of a tease as Hulk and Iron Man battle it out...

New Terminator has a new trailer, and it looks atrocious:

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