Thursday, April 2, 2015

Cool Shit 4/2

The notion of living in an isolated paradise is romantic, but now it seems this remote island wants to open its borders some, destroying that notion.

Apparently if you're an astronaut, you're going to get hit in the face with a cross by a Russian Orthodox priest. Hey, it's tradition!

So now you can play Pac Man with Google Maps. Possibly the greatest thing ever. Here are ten places that will test your ability.

What it was like to be Andre the Giant.

Skinner and Cigarette Smoking Man coming back to X-Files: Yay! Doggett and Reyes possibly coming back to the X-Files: Huh?

It's kind of amazing that one of Nature's challenges, summitting Mt. Everest, is treated so capriciously by the people who attempt it so much so that they treat it as little more than a trash can.

A list of the weird in villains from cinematic history.

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