Friday, April 3, 2015

Cool Shit 4/3

Montauk, a supernatural series is coming to Netflix soon. And they're also thinking about bringing back Full House?

A look at some of the more interesting round flying machines humanity has created over the years.

Yesterday we brought news of Pac Man on Google Street Maps and some of the cooler maps to play. Today we bring you some of the more difficult maps to play.

Not sure how much credence I'd put into this article about Spielberg making a documentary about a "Russian UFO lake" but it's a cool story nonetheless.

How they make those ridiculous jelly bean flavors. Just in time for Easter!

So you want to know all the celebrities linked to Scientology. Well, here you go!

Everything you always wanted to know about Max Headroom.

Enjoy this lesson on how to write an opening for a film. Example? Seven:

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