Thursday, April 30, 2015

Cool Shit 4/30

The new Mad Max movie is shaping up to be insane. Here's a look at some of the vehicles that will be blowing each other up in it.

A map of all the executions in United States since 1978. Just in case you're planning to move and have trouble with the law.

A deep dive into the uncertainty of the DC movie universe and how that might spell trouble for the studio (Warner Brothers). It's kinda amazing to me that people don't take enough time to really figure these things out, and it's really not all that difficult.

An off-the-grid houseboat farm in Canada? I'm in.

Whoa - a documentary on what the Earth's response would be if aliens were to land here. Of course I'm a little disappointed I wasn't contacted. I wrote up a comprehensive plan about what we should do back in 2008.

There's a whole generation out there that doesn't understand what David Letterman brought to late night television, and his influence on comedy. And now he's leaving us.

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