Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Daily Links

Ok, I'm gonna try real real hard to put up some links every day. Some may have a personal opinion of mine tied to it, some might just live on their own. Regardless, if you're reading this, you can tell your grandkids you were around when The Popcorn Trick's Daily Links started.

The Daily Links will be a few interesting links I stumble across throughout my day that I feel other people would enjoy. No rhyme or reason, the links will not be categorized or be about any specific topic. They will not be simple rehashes of the current stories in the news, unless it is something that adds a little more substance. They will also not be the goofy videos that your aunt always seems to send you. No, the videos I link to will be much more bizarre and nonsensical.

Put it this way - I strive to include links that you normally wouldn't see.

And we're off!

Great news for Mr. Show fans. Seems like Bob and Dave are coming back to HBO. And if you're not a Mr. Show fan, well, this won't be that exciting for you.

My favorite DMX quote ever was when he was asked about the slight absurdity of ever being raped by a woman (which I believe he suggested). “Because when I sleep, my man be out.” Sadly that quote is not in this interview. However, he does apparently admit to not knowing who Barrack Obama is.

Apparently, Russia has a small problem with the Black Market - as in it's really easy to get weapons-grade uranium.

"It's not nice to snitch, Shorty." I can still say that to some of my friends and get a great reaction. I love this article because it almost directly alludes to that great quote from Helter Skelter. Also, is anyone really surprised there might be bodies buried up near where Manson hung out for a spell?

I find it hard to believe Caruso was serious about wanting his character to fly. I will say that regardless of his behavior, you should rent Session 9 ( cool movie Caruso was in).

Who knew Gallagher was this insane?

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