Monday, March 24, 2008

Links of Interest

I renamed this column to eliminate the constant pressure of the word "daily." While I'll still try to update as much as possible, now when I forget a day, I can casually suggest it was because there was "nothing of interest" out there.

A few years back, disillusioned with my current job (that's another blog post entirely) I responded to an ad to be a product description writer for QVC. In the second interview, (the first had gone well) I met, as I was told later, Tina Fey's brother, who would be acting as my boss. Didn't really get to know him, but I could tell he was less than happy with his current status in life. I was told later, that he had been "out to Hollywood," but then came back. That could certainly go a long way toward explaining his despondent interview skills. Anyway, I didn't get the job (probably a good thing) but if I had, it might have been me writing this piece about working at the "don't-call-me-the-home-shopping-network" network.

Jackie Chan is seen as kind of a doofus here in America. And that's a shame, because back in China, he was the man. Here's a video of his 10 most ridiculous stunts. Personally, I would have flipped 2 &1, but it seems the creator gave points for injuries.

I loved (and to a degree, still love) G.I. Joe. The mythology and cool toys that were created for it really is underrated. And of course, like all fond memories of our childhood, the Big Machine has to come a raping. Here's a picture of Snake Eyes from the G.I. Joe movie that is in production.

I'm gonna be honest. I was never a Saved By the Bell fan. That's because I thought all those crazy kids were pansies. But this guy makes the argument that Slater was the ultimate pansie. And I'll be honest. It seems like he really was.

Wanna hear the latest Outkast track? Head over to Kanye West's blog where he leaked it!

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