Monday, March 10, 2008

PODCAST RECAP - Episode 5.02

This will be brief. Episode 5.02 is deep in the can. We cover the light topic of music you want played at your funeral.


Goose, I know the Moon Boot Lovers song isn't the one used for the intro ("Ali"), but it's the only one Seeqpod had. Deal with it.


Me with Marah:

Marah with Nick Hornby (Limb comes in at around the 8-minute mark, but Hornby's reading is worth listening to):



STJ said...

Red Dawn should absolutely make the "must watch" Patrick Swayze cable TV movie.


Goose said...

the argument isn't whether Red Dawn should always be watched, the argument is whether it should be considered a "Swayze vehicle." Of course it's must watch. But I argue it's more of an ensemble. I mean, how can we not say it's a Charlie Sheen "must watch" movie like Navy Seals?

I'm just mad at myself for not remembering Black Dog. But at least I didn't bring up Ghost.

STJ said...

Seriously. When did Cline get castrated and decide that he couldn't turn off Ghost if it came on cable. I'm not calling it unwatchable or a bad movie, just one that I can easily pull myself away from.