Friday, March 28, 2008

Links of Interest... 3/28

If you haven't read the book World War Z, I recommend you do so, because no matter what you think going in, you'll be surprised. Obviously, news of it becoming a movie shouldn't be surprising, but from the looks of this article, it has a chance to actually be decent. We can hope.

Apparently the 70s were a lot more liberal when it came to racial humor. This clip of Rickles at Sammy Davis Jr.'s Roast is beautiful for a number of reasons...Dean Martin and Sammy Davis Jr.'s reactions...How Rickles effortlessly insults Puerto Ricans...Chamberlin possibly not getting the jokes...just watch and enjoy.

Best news I've heard today: Billy Dee Williams coming back to commercials! Ok, so it isn't the greatest, but I blame the agency and the stupid dealership for that. Besides, the news led me to some of BDW's better work including this, which then led me to this, which ultimately led me to this, which doesn't even include Billy D., but does have a woman shooting lasers that make Colt .45 appear.

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