Friday, May 9, 2008

Links of Interest 5/9

This is the worst news I could have possibly today. A new Gong Show? Don't network execs realize the magic formula of the original Gong Show? The reason to watch it was awesome celebrity judges and Chuck Barris' manic, coke-fueled ramblings.
Seriously. It certainly wasn't for the talent. Even the winners stunk. If there was any show out there that was greatly assisted by free flowing drugs, it was this one.

I'll always link to cool pics of stuff on this big blue marble.

Remember, support the artists that take risks.

I offer this only because I can't believe someone is getting paid to write something like this and have it published in a major publication like O. Then again, I'm not a woman (obviously the magazine's and articles target) and so I admit maybe I just don't get it. Still, I find it fascinating.

As a child, I loved my Atari 2600. In fact, even in recent years I've played a bunch. I'm pretty sure I can't be beat in Plaque Attack or Megamania. Sadly, this article explains why Atari is no longer around. Bet they're kicking themselves for not partnering with a little company called Nintendo.

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