Sunday, May 25, 2008

Podcast 8.00 Recap

Welcome back! After a hiatus lengthier than our normal hiatuses we tackle the topics most irregularly updated podcast/blog hybrids are afraid to tackle.
  • Ugly celebs that put blood in our dicks. And only our dicks.
  • Songs that make us want to drive too fast down the open highway with the windows down and a loaded Thompson machine gun on the passenger seat.
  • Dance and fashion tips from the locals that make the Media Inn a must-stop on any cross-country karaoke road trip.
  • As if we needed it, our egos swell a few sizes thanks to an awesome little movie that we made.
  • And we discuss a little-discussed show called Blost. Sorry, that was a typo (or was it?). I meant Lost (or did I?).
Here's the music featured in Musical Interlude and elsewhere. Couldn't find Two Cow Garage's "Make It Out Alive" anywhere, so I substituted.

Podcast 8.00

  1. 48 Hour Film Challenge
  2. National Film Challenge
  3. The Nectar of the Gods, LLC
  4. A karaoke virgin's experience at the Media Inn
  5. Here's ample debunking ammunition for the Lost theory we discussed. Some believe that Abbadon is a grown-up Walt. Compare the physiques of these 2 Nubian princes and tell me they could be the same person.
    1. Walt -
    2. Abbadon -
  1. The trailer I was remembering from one of my Musical Interludes:

  2. Sandra Bernhard gettting down with Tom Jones as they cover EMF. Hang in till the end when she fellates a the mike and you can pretty much see her pooper.

  3. One of my favorite Two Cow Garage songs.

  4. Jeff Fahey blows up Don Johnson's car.

  5. Jeff Fahey becomes The Lawnmower Man (with some help from Brosnan).

  6. Couldn't find any clips from Mr. Wrong, the erotic thriller with Pullman & Degeneres, so had to go with this.

  7. Corin Tucker of Sleater-Kinney (in the blue tank top and skirt) looks cute as a bug wearing a button.


Goose said...

Corin Tucker is legitimately hot. FAIL.

Cline said...

As far as I know, she's never been mentioned as a sex symbol, unlike many, many other indie-rock songstresses.

That's why I would put her in the category of women not many others find attractive.

That's also the hottest video of her I could find.

Goose said...

It's not "women that people don't know are hot," it's women that people see and don't think are hot, but you do for some strange reason."

Silly Cline.