Thursday, May 29, 2008

Live Blogging the Lost Finale

Trying to update after every commercial and still not miss a second of the Lost finale. We'll see how it goes. I started a hair late, but hopefully will catch up as we get longer commercial breaks.

9:30 Update

Keamy - I don't think he's dead. I still think he's jerry-rigged up to the explosives on the boat. So his heart is still ticking. Total badass too kicking Sayid's ass with a massive knife wound.

9:36 Update

Why doesn't Michael simply start pulling wires to dismantle the bomb? Hasn't it been shown he can't be killed? Sounds like a better plan than freezing the battery to me.

Ok, so who is Charlotte? Claire in later life? Someone we haven't met?

Of course the tape doesn't work. Why would it work?

I want to see Locke and Ben star in their own sit com. Who wouldn't watch that?

Suddenly Lost is a comedy.

Who's coming down to the Orchid? Jack? Keamy? (I hope).

9:49 Update

Ok, so we have most of the Oceanic 6 together, + Sawyer.

Keamy cannot catch a break. That's the second time someone has attacked him from behind.

9:57 Update

Well, now we see how Sawyer gets left behind. So now we need to get Jin (and presumably Walt) away from the rest of the Oceanic 6, if indeed they make it to the boat.

Anyone else think we don't find out who Jeremy Benthem (I hope that's his name) is until next year? My guess is he's some sort of conspiracy guy who kep bugging the Oceanic 6, though I'm not sure why his death would hit Jack so hard then.

Charlotte is Aaron with sex change? Ok that would be too weird even for Lost I think.

Keamy still hanging on I guess if the green light is still on.

So, do we lose the island in time or what? Ben was putting a lot of metal in a place we've been told it shouldn't go.

10:11 Update

Hmmm, so Benthem is someone else. I'm hoping this doesn't mean that's all we find out about who's in the coffin. Of course my theory that he's a conspiracy nut looks bad. Hey, you win some, you lose some. Doubtful it's Ben, or Sayid wouldn't be so calm I don't think. What if Sayid means someplace that is safe is "forward" instead of back - meaning the island moved into the future.

I'd say Jin was definitely dead, but we all know how this show likes to play around.

I see Desmond got off the boat which is good, but who knows if that means he's safe.

10:19 Update

So, who do we think Sun is referring to? Ben? Desmond? Does she really want to go back there because she thinks Jin is still alive?

I see Sawyer had to take his shirt off to make it back to the island.

Did Ben say he had to "change?" Like clothes? Think he's going to put on an Oceanic outfit to somehow swindle his way off the island?

Something happens in the next 40 minutes to change Jack's mind about lying about the island. I can't even begin to imagine what it is.

10:33 Update

Well, having an island disappear before your eyes is probably something big enough to make you want to lie.

I don't like the fact that Desmond was in a helicopter crash.

Ok, so does Lapidus and Faraday somehow fall into a time loop - which would make them both "know" about the island in the future because they keep experiencing the past? Yeah, I don't know what that sentence means either.

They wouldn't kill Desmond in a simple helicopter crash, would they?

10:47 Update

No they wouldn't! Though they keep teasing me.

So Claire doesn't want them to go back, Jack wants them to go back, Kate doesn't want them to go back, Sayid and Hurley probably are going back, and Widmore and Sun are looking to go back (could Widmore be the captain of the Black Rock and have done what Ben did long ago to save the island from other people that were coming to get it - someone like Ben? That hurts my head.

Portugese on the boat, right? That can only mean one th- Penny! And...hmm, it seems something must be in my eye or something. It's getting misty in here.

11:00 Final Update

Why wouldn't Aaron stay with Penny and Desmond? The kid has to take another 8-9 hour raft ride in the sun? Is that healthy? Is Kate that selfish?

Jack is in some really bad shape. Speaks to Matthew Fox as an actor.

Think the island they landed on is same one Jack had his dalliance with Bai Li (or whatever) on, and got his tattoos?

Ok, Locke in the casket was a surprise. I guess the island will heal him when they go back. Also guess he wasn't cut out to be such a good leader since "bad things happened" after they moved the thing.

So Faraday...where did he go, along with all those other expendable people?

Oh, now that we know Desmond does get off the island, do you think she meant Ben or Desmond? I'm guessing Widmore would have interest in finding either one of them. But why would she sell out Desmond? Does she blame him for the bomb stuff?

That's it for me. I hope some of these ramblings are somewhat coherent. Some things came true, some things turned out to be wrong, and some things simply make no sense. I think that sums up Lost perfectly. Feel free to post in the comments to laugh along with what I thought was going on...

Here's to a great season 4 - and hoping that season 5 will match it.


Anthea said...

I had that thought about Charlotte too. This is hard to do while watching...

Goose said...


Cline said...

Charlotte (aka Stoltz, aka Mask) is Ben's boyhood crush. Just with a lot of red hair dye, Australian accent lessons, and forehead implants.

Of course bad things happened with Locke in charge. It's been proven that Locke fucks stuff up.

I did have the same thought about Jack re-crashing on Crazy But Hot Asian Tattooist Island.

When it looked like Desmond was going to be toast, we were all ready to put Goose on suicide watch .

STJ said...

There is absolutely no telling where this show is going in the next two years. It keeps flirting with jumping the shark and then it pulls episodes like last night out where you'll be thinking about it for months.

I like the Widmore as a former Ben/Locke person on the island. That makes a lot of sense.

Also, how the hell did Walt get off the island. And why does he think Michael is still alive.

I hope that for the next two seasons Desmond and Penny are just cruising around on her yacht until they are desperately needed on the island and Desmond rolls up/time travels back to save the the past.

Goose said...

Walt got off the island with Michael way back in the second season. He was living with his grandmother.

I think the main reason I like this show is that it really isn't catering much toward the incidental crowd that might stumble upon it while flipping channels. The creators are writing it for the fans that have been with it - and they are just throwing everything at us right now.

I loved how nonchalant Ben was at explaining Locke had to come with him too - as though grave robbing is as normal as stopping at Starbucks to get a scone. Of course, I didn't see him pitching in to help.