Thursday, July 22, 2010

My Mel Gibson Theory

By now, I'm going to assume you've heard, if not the actual audio, at least the story of Mel Gibson and his seemingly career destroying phone calls to his ex-wife.

Disturbing, and reprehensible, we've come to a point where the tapes have reach a level of macabre humor. While it's difficult to justify laughing at what the tapes could be implying (and what Mel's ex-wife is suggesting) it's hard not to hear at least some of the phrases and lines and not chuckle.

Now...I'm not saying that Mel didn't simply go insane. It's obviously the most logical conclusion.

However, what if...

What if, and yes I know this is crazy, but what if, this is a crazy publicity stunt for Mel's new movie, The Beaver?

I know that sounds insane, but first check out what The Beaver is supposedly about...

IT'S ABOUT Walter Black, a depressed toy manufacturer, loses his family and his business. But then Walter tries on a hand puppet — a chatty British rodent called ''The Beaver'' — and his personality is transformed. It's all good at first, but things turn ugly when the puppet won't let go.
I haven't read the script, so I don't know what "things turn ugly" necessarily means, but I don't think it would bee too much of a jump to suggest the puppet says things that people want to say but normally don't. Kinda like some certain audio tapes?

Also, if you've heard the tapes, you've heard Mel at times out of breath, excited, screamy and downright insane. While his ex-wife seems strangely non-emotional, even detached. Obviously, she knows she's taping the conversations and remaining unemotional in this instance keeps her looking like the sane one. But again, what if she's reading from a script, setting up Mel's crazy lines.

Because, honestly, some of the lines are insane. Almost too insane. As if they quite possibly could have been scripted.

Yes, I know that these are not flattering, and some of the content would probably, even if it came out that the whole thing is fake, would still turn a lot of people off, but just think for a moment...if this was some sort of marketing plan for The Beaver...mission accomplished, right?

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