Tuesday, July 27, 2010

That's a lot of Ants...

I wouldn't recommend reading this article if you are at all squeamish about getting squeamish when you see a bug inside your house.

In fact, if you can't read this paragraph:

The Lord God first divided the darkness from the light. Then he divided the heavens from the earth and the earth from the sea. Evolution did the rest: It divided the earth between humans and ants, and in so doing created another fundamental dichotomy. There are billions of humans on earth, and trillions upon trillions of ants — an estimated 1.6 million for every human being. If the earth were a scale, and all the humans were placed on one side and all the ants on the other, it would not budge. Ants have answered the ever-expanding human biomass with an ever-expanding biomass of their own, so that the planet is poised, teetering between its two most successful civilizations — each of which is social, aggressive, expansionist, and well suited for war.
Without involuntarily scratching parts of your body, then I definitely recommend skipping this one. Unless you enjoy terrifying yourself. You've been warned.

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