Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A Pure Bacon Burger

I'll admit it, the idea of a burger made completely of bacon never crossed my mind, and I'm usually on the cutting edge of bacon related food products. So kudos to the author here. Of course, I'm guessing eating one of these might kill you, so in the end I don't know who loses. I also wondered about the greasiness of the raw patty, which the author discusses here:

I wanted to cook the burger under the broiler, as I did with the bacon-wrapped burger last week, on a rack set over a Pyrex dish to allow the rendered fat to drain. Having read about the difficulties people making such burgers have had keeping them together, I decided to add one large egg to the food processor along with the 19 slices of bacon. I ground the bacon and the egg together, then, using my hands, pulled the mixture out and used a hamburger press to make a burger. It is possible that my hands have been greasier at some point in my life, but if so I have (fortunately) forgotten it. I was not quite prepared for the raw burger to look like pure fat, and I must admit that it didn’t look very appealing. But it was for science, so I soldiered on!

Am I thinking about trying it? Absolutely. But probably not when my wife is around to chastise me for eating 19 pieces of bacon at once. Of course, that leaves me with a small problem of not having anyone to be around to call the ambulance.

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