Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Nothing is What it Seems

While this article seems like nothing more than a ploy to writing about conspiracies (because seriously, the JFK assassination conspiracy was pretty big before the Internet) I'm still a sucker of conspiracies. And of course, it's fun to read...

But the goldmine of posts like this, by larger, more popular websites such as Salon is the comments. That's where the more "colorful" things seem to rise. Stuff like this...

lightweight airhead writes article about things its never thought thru.

The Zapruder footage of the assassination has been endlessly scrutinized on Internet forums, where discussions continue about noise on the grassy knoll and the president's movement after he was shot.

The Zapruder film clearly shows a round coming in and hitting Kennedy from a different direction than the Book Depository.
From that fact we must conclude that either Oswald was not the only shooter or maybe he wasn't a shooter at all.

Government experts, academics and the world of science unanimously agree that it is all pernicious nonsense;and the 9/11 Commission report provides detailed explanations for why such theories could never be true.

It is quite clear that a top of a tower cannot crash through eighty five floors, pulverising them as it falls and arrive at the ground in the same free fall time as would a top that fell with nothing below it.
Therefore given that irrefutable fact we are obliged to consider explosives must have been involved in order to supply the extra energy to do the extra work.

The most recent addition on our list, the "Birther" conspiracy claims that Barack Obama is not eligible for the presidency because he was not born in the United States.

That is an oft repeated strawman argument. The fact is no one knows officially which address he was born at. Whether he was adopted, and if he was how come he came back to using the name Obama? That the answers to those rather basic questions remain unknown

This was signed written by a commenter calling him/herself ParisHilton'sChiHuaHua. So you know it's reputable.

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