Friday, November 14, 2014

Cool Shit 11/14

New York has some skyscraper projects on the docket - here's what the city could look like in 2018.

Note to self: never get into a prank war with Woody Harrelson or Sean Pean.

Classic outdoor adventures for the free spirit to put on his/her bucket list.

Huh. Well I guess the one good thing that can come out of a report stating our nuclear weapons program is in bad shape is that at least someone had the foresight to order a report like that to be done.

Have some cash lying around? A message you're dying to get out to the masses? Why not buy all the advertising of an average NFL game?

Ok, if the idea of buying advertising during an NFL game sounds kinda "whatever" to you, but you still have lots of cash lying around and have thought about moving to Sweden, I found the house for you.

Used to be a girl in my high school with the name Strip Club Cuisine. Also - if that's not the name of a band in the next six months, we're all doing something wrong.

Cool article that goes a little inside the Hollywood machine: 2014: It all goes back to Jack Reacher.

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