Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Cool Shit 11/18

I mean, it's a pretty big boast to say a band is the best you've never heard of, but it is on the internet so I'll give it the credence it deserves.

I take no shame in the fact that I've repeatedly slept in my car. I only wish I had had this handy tutorial to point out some helpful tips.

Ok, so I know there's a body farm in Tennessee, now I find out there's one in Texas. Just how many body farms do we need? (also - be warned; some of the imagery is what you'd expect from doing a report at a body farm.)

Neil Peart (drummer of Rush), breaks down his drum kit. Spoiler alert: it's large.

I want to go to a monkey park! And not that silly excuse for a park at Six Flags Great Adventure that my dad wouldn't drive through because he had a soft top on his car. A real monkey park!

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