Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Cool Shit 11/25

Nick Offerman. The Decemberists. A fake German public access show. Enjoy:

This may be the greatest Christmas gift you could ever give to someone. Someone like myself. After all, you should always protect your neck.

Cats spend every waking moment of their lives figuring out how they can steal your baby's breath; dogs travel 430+ miles with rescue adventure teams through the difficult jungle terrain. Point, dogs.

Space heist movie in the Star Wars universe? Involving bounty hunters? Yeah, I'd be into that.

Weirdest theories about the JFK assassination? Nope. You've heard most of these. Most.

Drone footage over Chernobyl...

A breakdown of Pearl Jam's album Vitalogy, honestly one of my favorites of theirs. Though I always thought Spin the Black Circle was an ode to heroin.

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