Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Cool Shit 11/4

Every so often an article about a numbers station will pop up, and in Pavlovian response I will link to it. I think I'm intrigued by the facts that A. it's so incredibly low tech in our high tech society, and B. we still are not 100% sure what they're broadcasting, and they've been broadcasting for a long time. A long time that people the people responsible still have to be maintaining some level of interest, which adds a level of relevance to their significance after all these years.

I like to think that people that needed numbers stations to communicate have turned to the internet, using old message board posts and whatnot to leave coded messages that the normal person would have no idea about.

Continuing on with the sad state of affairs that is Olive Garden.

Speaking of chains, it seems like Red Lobster is going to attempt to clean up its reputation too.

Need to know who makes the best pizza in your state? Check out this completely accurate list on the internet!

The people behind pop music from the last 50 years are probably not the people you think they are.

In defense of milk chocolate, against that awful, commie stinkin' dark chocolate.

To get through this article, you have to be able to comprehend that time is both an actual thing that is affected by the forces around us all (specifically gravity) and also simply a concept that we may have made up. Once you get past that paradox, it really is quite simple to comprehend that two different clocks held at different heights record time differently.

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