Thursday, November 6, 2014

Cool Shit 11/6

Stephen King's top 10 favorite books.

So by now you're either a fan of the podcast Serial, or you're so sick of hearing about it that you are actively ignoring it (I don't blame you if you are, spite is a powerful drug and I succumb to it a lot; it's still a great podcast worth listening to). However, as we keep going with episodes, and wind down the curvy road of this murder, it's getting pretty obvious that the end will not satisfy the common listener like an episode of Law & Order will. Is this going to hurt the popularity of the podcast?

I haven't seen Birdman yet, but I would like's shot to appear as though it's one take (though obviously it isn't one take) - and apparently, this is how they did that.

The 20 greatest opening scenes of movies. Not sure I understand why they excluded Raiders of the Lost Ark (something about it not being part of the story; but then why would Reservoir Dogs be included) but it's cool to see how an opening scene establishes the rest of a movie.

Huh. Good to hear that time travel is apparently possible.

When I first read the headline about the Discovery Channel's plans to show a man being eaten by an
anaconda, I thought they had procured some footage from someplace and were just going to air it, as basically a wildlife snuff film...something I really wasn't interested in. But then the headline kept popping up, so I dove into the article and got something much more glorious...a wildlife expert has some sort of snake-proof suit that will allow him to be eaten by an anaconda and presumably, survive the experience (though I assume he will kill the snake to get out? Details are scarce.

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