Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Links of Interest 3/10

Oh sure, we're all sad for Conan O'Brien and his sudden departure from television. But what about his sidekick? What about Andy Richter?

I'm shocked, shocked, that The Marriage Ref might be seen as having a negative effect on marriages.

The medical marijuana boom can have some far reaching negative effects. What about the corner drug dealer? How is he going to make a living now?

Oh boy, that Kathy Ireland performance at the Oscars was uh...interesting.

If you're headed to Austin (possibly for SXSW?) here's a breakdown of one of the city's greatest products: the breakfast taco.

Sometimes where-are-they-nows have happy endings.

White Stripes fan? Get a preview of the latest album here.

Women can't be funny? These examples will prove that silly axiom wrong.

Mick and Keith look back at their classic Exile on Main Street.

The history of Facebook is a sordid mess.

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