Thursday, March 18, 2010

Links of Interest 3/19

Interview with Bob Odenkirk.

Ever wonder how a grenade works?

They sure don't make ads like they used to.

Everyone obviously like the hits, but what are some of the better deep tracks off albums?

The story of Rodney Alcala - charmer, near genius, Dating Game contestant, and possible serial killer.

I assume this means we're extremely close to creating a time machine. (via kottke)

That big box in your kitchen you occasionally use to make popcorn? Now, you can use it to make potato chips. (via mental floss)

If you're into basketball trick shots, this is for you.

True story: Back when anyone could get start up cash because they said they had an idea for the web, I interviewed with a company whose business plan was to create corporate cartoons that detailed company policy in a humorous manner. I didn't get the job, but I really don't think the company was around for more than 2 weeks. The internet boom. Memories.

The internet is more fragile than you think.

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