Monday, March 15, 2010

Links of Interest 3/15

Say what you want about the NCAA college basketball tournament and its selection process, it's still one of the most entertaining things out there in sports.

There's something hypnotic about watching QVC.

Female anthems that at second look don't do as much for feminism as the auteur intended them to do.

Old time sex ed videos. I wonder what current pieces of educational materials/pop culture future generations will laugh at? Or are we so self ironic that it's now impossible to do that?

Athletes in movies. I think my favorite athlete cameo came from Wade Boggs in Cheers.

Some movie science debunked. So we really never will be able to clone dinosaurs. This is bullshit!

When I read Chevy Chase had the option of being in Steely Dan I had to link to this.

How do you get your band to stand out at SXSW? Name it something ridiculous.

Henry Rollins always seems to have something interesting to say.

The perfect car. Apparently, it's not a myth.

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