Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Links of Interest 3/9

Great, so now I can get salmonella from Pringles?

Hard to believe, but apparently these stories are real!

Everybody is getting into the video DSLR market. Here's an example of the Pentax K-7.

Whoa, it's like Kingdom of the Spiders, but totally real! Has anyone seen William Shatner?

A running diary about how Wolfgang Puck catered his Oscars' party.

How Rookie of the Year doesn't make this list...well it's irresponsible.

For the kid who has everything; Get him something from here and he'll be continually beat up.

Give the world the computer and you know it won't be long before someone is trying to control it. Facts about hackers.

How many years before Google owns the world? 2? 3?

The seduction community? Does this really exist? Why do we always have to put labels on things that some of us don't understand?

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Andrew said...

Really, you post a link of worst sports movies with Side Out! on it? Arguably a top 10 best sports movie.