Thursday, March 4, 2010

Links of Interest 3/4

That's a lot of fake presidents in one room!

Apple doesn't like the sex on their iPhone. Well, they don't like certain sex. Other sex they're ok with.

Fred Schneider is still kicking it awesome.

You might not think a look at the top 10 hotel balconies would be all that interesting. But it is. In a leisurely sort of way.

Finally we can answer the question that's been plaguing us all these years: how do they make Russian airport food?

Sometimes, it's a little easy to spot the counterfeit clothing.

A nice little assassination story.

Hey, shove it Pacific Ocean, the Atlantic Ocean has their own huge island of garbage swirling around.

Christopher Hitchens taking on the role of Moses. Or possibly God.

Tales of a nude model. Apparently, the glamor life we were sold about nude modeling in Show Girls is not a reality.

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