Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Links of Interest 3/17

Don't forget about the Popcorn Trick's March Madness Tournament. Enter by going here. Password is Popcorn.

Phallic cemetery monuments? Sign me up.

So, minus Leno, NBC's primetime lineup increases viewership. Which I guess means we hate Leno but love The Marriage Ref. Yeesh.

Timothy Olyphant just seems to pop up in the most random roles that go on to be awesome. And he has a new show coming out.

The Japanese have a different palate than we do.

New Philip Bloom time lapse video of Dubai. If you don't know who Philip Bloom is, you should.

Comparing the two earthquakes in Chile and Haiti.

Planning a cross country road trip? Take a look at this list of essentials.

Is there something out in our solar system plotting our demise?

While I disagree with the hypothesis that Octopussy is the most ludicrous of Bond movies (are we simply ignoring Moonraker and its slow motion space fight and 7 space shuttles?) I did enjoy reading this article.

A Russian writer details his quest to make money after the fall of communism.

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