Tuesday, December 14, 2010

2010 Black List

Gaining more and more popularity every year, the Hollywood Black List is a subjective "best of" list of unproduced movie scripts floating around. Sometimes they get made, sometimes they don't.

Anyway, this year's list is out, and I have to say, I'm completely underwhelmed. It looks less like a list of cool, quirky scripts that take a risk, and more like a whiteboard on the lot of a major production company. Like most cool things in life, it appears (at least to me) the list has been compromised, and commercialism has reared its head, and swallowed it whole.

But take a look for yourself, and see if there's anything there that makes you get excited for film.


adidave said...

Is this post missing a link?

Goose said...

Fuck. Yes it is. Fixed now. I'd blame drugs, but we all know it's more laziness than anything else.