Monday, December 6, 2010

The Celebrity Cameo Videos to End All Celebrity Cameo Videos

Before I get into this in a little more detail, watch this video...

Back? Need a minute? 15 minutes? Smelling salts? Frankly, nothing would surprise me. This video is a trailer from the Norwegian show Gylne Tider. And apparently, the premise is exactly what the trailer suggests - 3 Norwegian guys meeting celebrities.

So, at least the above video makes sense. Not a whole lot, but it's Norway, it's dark a lot, and I can see something like this being popular. So popular that it would beg for a sequel, correct?

I'm not sure where to start. I like to think I could come up with a comparable list of B, C, D and Z celebrities, but honestly, I'm not 100% sure.

Here's my top 10 list of "perfect" celebrities that show up, in descending order...

10. Corbin Bernsen
9. Alberto Tomba
8. Rick Schroeder - 2 reasons his inclusion is awesome: 1. Because I bet he demanded to be called "Rick." 2. Because his credit is The Champ. It's a movie from 1979!
7. Larry Drake - Better known as Benny from L.A. Law. Though I really wish they went with Dr. Giggles there. (The doctor is out...of his mind!)
6. Jamie Walters - you know Ray, from 90210. The guy who hit Donna! And then went on to have an illustrious singing career...possibly in Norway, I'm not really sure.
5. Bud Spencer (Spaghetti western director) Umm...yeah.
4. Roger Moore (obviously if you're going to have a Bond villain in the previous video, you find the best Bond to follow it up)
3. Right Said Fred - Might be the biggest coup, since who would have any idea where to find them.
2. Rednex - Ooops, spoke too soon.
1. Phillip Michael Thomas (I swear this might be a computer generated image - the guy hasn't changed a lick!)

Some other random thoughts...

Seriously, they couldn't go Kerrigan/Harding? Was Kerrigan too hard a get? (Though Witt has aged very gracefully! Until she does that air guitar.)

Jason Alexander seems just a little too excited to be included in this.

Phillip Michael Thomas seems to have the perfect level of excitement to be included in this.

I'm fascinated how this comes together. Obviously, it's computer generated, and these celebrities aren't on some beach all lip synching a Beatles song. But how did this Norwegian television show get this footage. Do they interview these celebrities and on the way out, at the end, ask them to lip sync a few bars? And then did Phillip Michael Thomas ad lib the air guitar or was that in the script? Did David Faustino actually approach them? I need the answers to these questions!

Shocked Mickey Rourke didn't participate in the lip synching.

Jason Alexander has to be the biggest get right? He certainly doesn't need the exposure of something like this. So he's just doing this because...?

For celebrity that pulls the whole thing off with the most dignity (or least amount of dignity lost), I'd have to say it's a tie between Glenn Close and Judd Nelson. Understated and brief appearances. Kudos to you two!

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