Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Ranking the Coen Brothers' Movies

Obviously this is a subjective list, so anger over it is fairly meaningless. I do like that the author put some thought into each entry, and I really can't argue with the bottom five. Where things get a little hinky for me is the low rating of Miller's Crossing (which I think was the first movie that showed the Coen Brothers were going to be around for a long time and weren't just "gimmick" directors.

I also think No Country for Old Men is ranked horrendously low, and also don't like the argument against it the author poses (the nature of the content?) However, I'd be hard pressed to bump a movie out of the top 5 to put it in there.

Anyway, check out the list here, and get angry (after all, this IS the internet) for yourself.

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