Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Hobo with a Shotgun

Not sure how to take this one...

On the one hand, I can get behind a trailer that was made into a movie, which this allegedly started as. I can also get behind Rutger Hauer movies. And Rutger Hauer playing a hobo sounds delectable.

However, on the other hand, these wink, wink nod to the audience movies don't do it for me. Other than Big Trouble in Little China, I can't think of a movie that succeeded in purposefully parodying the B movie. I thought both parts of Grindhouse failed (though for different reasons. At least Tarantino attempted to give us something different. Rodriguez just gave us gore and copied the structure of every bad late 70's/early 80's horror movie. But since we were in on the joke, nothing felt fresh or original. I guess it's ironic that the best part of Grindhouse were the trailers, which of course led to the making of this movie. We live in a Catch-22 world).

Anyway, I assume there is an audience for stuff like this, so I hope it succeeds, if nothing more for the creators of the movie. I will say this - it's hard to come up with a better title than Hobo with a Shotgun.


adidave said...

I agree with Planet Terror but I think Deathproof was awesome. Good soundtrack, only one wink nod to the audience, and a girl's face getting ripped off by a car tire.

Goose said...

I thought Deathproof was an interest failure. The bar scene was the record scratch and QT wanking off in a "I can do whatever I want" mode. It has some ridiculously good shots in it, but unfortunately, it didn't have a cohesive narrative. All my opinion of course.

Jackie Brown was Tarantino's best movie. Unfortunately, it's probably his most underappreciated as well.