Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Tajazzle - The 3 Step System for Hot Women

Really, they couldn't just go all in and name the product "Vajazzle?"

I'm not 100% sure what the product is offering, but it seems like it's a 3 step system that includes...

1. A powder that makes you smell better made from the best all natural ingredients (horse hooves and cilantro? That's my guess).

2. Tajazzle syrup you're supposed to slather all over your private areas. And yet, wouldn't this form a paste-like substance then? That doesn't sound up to Tajazzle standards. Of course, I'm not a Tajazzle customer so who am I to question?

3. A bedazzler for you whoo-nay (for those women that think their tramp stamp just isn't making enough of a statement).

And why not? If you're that strikingly beautiful woman at the gym that just doesn't have any luck with men, Tajazzle will put you over the hump. At the very least you'll smell nice and be sticky in all the right places. And you'll be able to run at night in skimpy clothing and not have to worry about not being reflective!

1 comment:

BD said...

Here's my question: in the scenario featuring the Tara Ried-lookalike who's "pumping iron" in the gym, what's up with that super-buff broad in the backround? I'd imagine she's never Tajazzled a goddamn thing. And if she HAS, no one gets to see it lest they take a pounding at her merciless fists!